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    January Transfer Window 2022

    To be fair, I let Moomin know as I walked past SJP, saw a flashy BMW pulling out of Stadium Way with a chap driving who 100% wasn't/isn't a player on our books at the moment, walked down into Stadium Way and saw Taggs and a.n.other car parked outside by Red Square. From what I saw, driver of...
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    I'm happy to accept you prefer Lewis Ward but Jonny Maxted played considerably better when Ward was injured, than Ward has at the start of the season, or since Jonny got injured.
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    More to do with Ward's positioning being 12 yards off his line, any need? Probably not. He was also extremely lucky the Pompey chance at 0-0 was straight at him when he was stood in line with the post rather than the middle of the goal.
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    Let's be honest, no matter how long added time there is/was/should have been, to be 2-1 up in a football match when the clock hits 90 minutes to still lose the game in normal time is completely unacceptable whether you are Brazil, Man City or Green Gables. To make things worse, Lewis Ward is...
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    Its The ECFC Player Knockout Game

    Lewis Ward - 10 Jon Maxted - 10 Dino Visser - 6 Pierce Sweeney - 10 Craig Woodman - 12 Aaron Martin - 11 Tom Parkes - 10 Gary Warren - 8 Jayden Richardson - 8 Dean Moxey - 11 Alex Hartridge - 10 Jordan Dyer - 10 Nigel Atangana - 12 Lee Martin - 6 Nicholas Law - 11 Randall Williams...
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    Former Players

    Cameron's a nice lad, got his head screwed on. Used to serve him in the shop during my old job, says ECFC not wanting to keep him gave him a kick up the backside rather than allowing himself to get sucked around non league from a young age. Fair play and good luck to him I say!
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    World Darts 2019

    Had a fiver on Rob Cross, might as well have chucked it away. Gary is 25/1 for a reason, not been at his best for the last 12-18 months. Will be Van Gerwen or Gerwyn Price now I feel.
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    However, the best thing is, Lloyd's best performance at SJP came the season after when he returned with Forest Green and ran the show from central midfield.
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    Early odds on City

    Take it as an early Christmas present then put the rest of another bet of similar ilk!
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town discussion thread

    Visser deserves a start, especially after captain cockup's recent performance.
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    December 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Northampton = 1-0 loss. Salford = 2-1 loss. Walsall = 1-1 draw. Newport = 1-0 loss. Colchester = 1-0 win. A miserable 4 points.
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    The Ultimate Quiz at SJP tonight

    Morning all, Bit of a long shot. Myself and TOP_CITY_FAN are looking for a teammate or 2 in the Ultimate Quiz up at SJP this evening. Would anyone be amazing enough to answer our calls and bring along another brain to the table? £2 per person. Cheers.
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    Jake Taylor

    The fact he mentions he knows Tis divided opinion before leaving ECFC made me smile slightly.
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    Team V Cambridge Utd - FA Cup (9th November 2019)

    Surprised Holmes even got a contract for this season. He's only played 90 minutes 5 times since February 2017. Ridiculous.
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    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    Can't see that unbearable man getting another job in Football as a Manager. His ego will be bruised and battered now he has 'Sacked' on his CV. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke that MK Dons have got rid of him.