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    Bristol Rovers away 26 Feb

    *Pops head in* Clap clap from me and also my stepsister's partner (they live a couple of hundred yards from the ground, would be rude not for him to be there...). Sadly extremely likely this will be my last match of the season as I'll be busy every weekend up to May 5th.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town : L2 : 7.45pm : MDT

    One issue I have that potentially dilutes the quality of officials (not that I agree that in general the officials are worse - I've still got Paul Melin etched on my brain nearly 20 years later!), is that so many officials are used these days especially in the higher levels. For the Premier...
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    Exeter Exiles fans network

    Hello all, quick flying visit (hopefully back on the boards full time in the new year at some point). This photo was from the Bauys' inaugural fixture in 2006 (the Bauys being the then newly formed Exiles FC reserve side). A 2-0 defeat to Hull which, given most of our results over the...
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    FGR away 29th December (Now Tues 4th Jan)

    Thwarted again by the fixture computer gods - only travelling back to London the previous day and, with the Missus at work on the 29th, I'm unable to head back out again. One season we'll play them on a bog standard Saturday and I can book in a weekend with my Stroud-based mate.
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    Sutton away New Years Day

    Some time in the new year we're due to return full time to the office, so I'm sure that will coincide with my return to the forum on a more regular basis.
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    Sutton away New Years Day

    *Ducks in briefly* I'll be at this one, a rare match for me this season. We've never played Sutton before this season - when we were in the Conference they were in the levels below.
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    Hartlepool - 25th September

    *Ducks in briefly* Clap clap from me. Although very sadly the Rat Race will not be reopening until mid-October, so we'll have to take refreshment elsewhere.
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    A trip to the Orient - Sat 14th August

    *Pops head in* I'm still hoping I can be "injured" next week in order to go, especially as our oppo are a bunch of idiots, but given our poor availability this week and a number also missing next week, that may be a forlorn hope. In which case my first City match of the season will be...
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    Nicky Ajose

    In my experience this would usually have a caveat of "unless agreed in advance" (I did a second job clerking Governing Body meetings in local schools while with my previous employer) - Lee Holmes, for example, started a business (flooring?) while still playing, and I can't remember if Bertie...
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    Has this been looked at before?

    I might have got my wires crossed and come up in my head with a fee that we instead shelled out for Stockley. Even so, my point re: doubting him being on "just" £700 p/w stands.
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    Has this been looked at before?

    Would be helpful for the site to make citations - I can't really dispute any of the figures as I don't have a scooby what our players are on, my one quibble would be I can't see Bowman being on just £700 per week especially given the amount we reportedly signed him for and the logic that...
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    I thought it was my computer playing up when I missed the first 20 minutes or so of the Swindon match, then again when I finally got into the Southend match after about 35 minutes - so was somewhat gratified (in a selfish way) to see others had the same problem. I wonder if it's an issue their...
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    Swindon Town v Exeter City EFL Trophy. Match Day Thread

    And our old mate Owen Gaul.
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    The BBC

    Don't get me wrong, as I've stated on here I'm firmly still in the "Yay" camp re: the BBC, despite misgivings in certain areas. I looked at tonight's guide on the BBC's two main entertainment channels and found nothing to stir the blood, BBC1 especially displaying a worrying lack of variety in...
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    Pierce Sweeney

    And now Sweeny (sic) is in the firing line.