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    Onwards and upwards a conversation with Paul Tisdale.

    During the winter the cat and fiddle was unusable for 3 - 4 months. During that period the club had to hire either Isca school or the University for 90 minutes a week.
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    Onwards and upwards a conversation with Paul Tisdale.

    Personally I thought last night was good, But I've Been thinking about some of Tis statements last night! 1. I've maintained for several seasons we don't go out to win! Tis confirmed playing and winning is 3rd in list of priorities for the club! 2. Last year I was convinced the team is unfit...
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    Banning order for racially aggravated abuse

    Don't want to add fuel but What is the appropriate term? Maybe showing my ignorance here but I am confused how you say or address the fact someone has different coloured skin?
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    Travelling to Plymouth away

    Love it! For me getting in has never been a problem at all! My advice, don't wear colours! Getting out! now there lies the challenge I always find the car park the most interesting! once your on the road pretty much safe really.
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    should we have a banner at St James Park?

    The plight of the refugees is tragic, apauling, devastating. The picture of the baby is heartbreaking there is no denying that! and Headlined the BBC news this morning. The very next item on the BBC news stated that the UK is 150,000 houses short and we need more houses built for rental not...
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    York City Predictions

    Are you down for this one?
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    The Exeter City v Yeovil Town Official Prediction Thread

    Not optimistic for this one 0-0
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    Clinton Morrison

    I would live to be there when Clinton scores!!!! That would / will be one hell of a day
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    The Lighter, Topsham
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    Torquay Away

    I'm Going! got the afternoon off work (clap) Will be in the Dog and Duck then the George Babbacombe, pre match for light refreshment
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    Torquay v Exeter Pre-season Friendly

    Just seen it at bottom of report! sorry
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    Torquay v Exeter Pre-season Friendly

    Do we know what the ticket arrangements are? Pay on the gate? How much?
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    End of Season Ball

    Come and join the exec 100?
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    End of Season Ball

    For all the debate on the ball, it was genuinely a bloody good night! Nice to sit and have a very nice meal with good friends and the team I love. prefect! In addition it was good to talk to the players, Tis and Taggy; who were all very down to earth, open and honest. Ok some silly things may...