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    Crawley Town vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Post 141 aged well...
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    Exeter City v Sutton United Matchday Thread

    Great result against a very united, strong and energetic opponent. To be perfectly honest, we were under the cosh for the first hour with sporadic moments going forward. Jay or Kite should have scored from our one clear cut opportunity in the first half but aside from that they dominated...
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    Harrogate Town (not Railway Athletic) v Exeter City Build Up Thread

    Not sure Grounds has the legs to play wingback and wouldn’t want to move Hartridge from the left side of the 3 where he has excelled since returning. Caprice had his best game in a City shirt against Rovers. Same team for me until Collins, Coley and Daniel are ready and then there may be a...
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    Exeter City vs Bristol Rovers Match Day Thread

    Dawson - excellent saves and nothing he could have done about the goal. Key - Back on form and nearly scored goal of the season. Hope other clubs weren’t watching too closely today... Caprice - Best game in City shirt for me. Not convinced he’s the LWB solution but credit where credit is due...
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    Barrow A.F.C. v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Which is why I think Matt T mentioned Collins alongside Nombe and Coley regarding the lack of goals. I think we need 3 additional players... Another ball playing midfielder (Collins is a HUGE miss at the moment - the others try hard and run around a lot but lack real quality), a pacey wide man...
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    Barrow A.F.C. v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    A few things... 1) The loss of Randall and Randell means opposition teams have less to worry about and can focus on MJ 2) The formation doesn’t suit him. Too narrow. 3) No Collins, no party. Nobody in midfield can pick a pass. We’re in big trouble until he’s fit or we get a player who can pass
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Carabao Cup Match Day Thread

    No Amond and only 6 subs...
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    Exeter City v Bradford City 7/8/21 Matchday Thread

    Agree with much of what has been said. I'm worried that Jay will struggle until Collins returns. Both Atangana and Dieng had good games but they're not going to slide a 5-10 yard pass to Jay through the lines which he can receive on the half turn. In turn, this will have an impact on Nombe and...
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    Breakout Season

    Vale plays central midfield at the moment. Think he'll be going on loan to Taunton Town this year
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    Exeter City v Barrow AFC Match Day Thread

    Hugely disappointing. This season was a big missed opportunity. Big clearout coming and it'll be fascinating to see how many of the 18 in today's squad are in the 18 for the first game of next season...
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    Transfer Rumours 2020/21

    It was an unbelievable strike but it was also notable for the fact it didn't touch the ground!?! Paul Jones kick... Marcus Stewart flick on.... Neil Saunders bang.
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    Exeter City Vs Grimsby Town Matchday Thread.

    4 references to the state of the pitch by the commentators in the first 12 minutes. No more please...
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    Exeter City Vs Newport County Matchday Thread

    Woeful. No idea who or what will get the blame this time... Pitch? Fatigue? Why bring on Williams so late and why play him in such a strange position? What does Seymour or Fisher add? I'm a Matt Taylor fan but do I want him to get this "bigger budget" next year? Unconvinced... Wasted ridiculous...
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    Archie Collins

    Agreed. Archie is class for someone of such a young age playing in the position he is. I’m not sure some people realise how difficult it is to play central midfield. Moaned at when you don’t get enough goals and assists, picked out when you lose the odd ball and hold on to it too long because of...
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    Our defence

    Having seen the 5 goals, it’s difficult to see past the centre halves. Not sure Jonny covers himself in glory either. As Sea Grecian correctly points out, we had Big Nige in place for the Playoff final and we know how that panned out. It doesn’t matter who you have in midfield if you can’t...