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    ECFC Face Masks

    Plus ordered one of the new ones (y)
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    ECFC Face Masks

    Arrived through letterbox this morning - thanks Craig top work
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    Fans back in October

    Bit of a pain in the arris I would have thought
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    UK Lockdown

    Just simply not true - The Police will fine but only as a last resort - However, the Government have not yet issued The Guidance for the Police to be able to enforce anything and is it likely to come out after tomorrow !! This is what they have faced all the way through this Pandemic -...
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    Cricket 2020

    Good positive approach - positive declaration - impressed with Devon Bauy Dom Bess he got a bit of stick but kept flighting the ball instead of bowling flat - excellent ball to get rid of Holder - Well played England
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    Anyone would think there has been a pandemic or something :D
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    Cricket 2020

    Just what England need not since Cook have we had someone who occupies the crease as long as runs are coming at the other end stay there all day. As I was once told as a young cricketer 'You can't score runs in the pavilion' 🏏🏏
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    Odds & sods

    The replay seemed the longest ever journey for an away trip - never ending - nice ground though Carrow Road
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    Politics Today

    Making it up as they go along I'm afraid
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    ECFC Face Masks

    One Ordered (y)
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    VAR Yay or Nay ?

    Overall Farce
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    Did you know...

    Since its inception the Video Assistant Referee system does not have many fans but Jamie Vardy is certainly one of them
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    UK Lockdown

    Back to North Devon for two nights tomorrow first time in 3 months :D
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    Teams we've not played.

    I went to the two FA Cup Games
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    Clear out?

    Now been amended :)