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    League 2 news 2021/22

    I'm sure I read that he signed a new contract in January. Coventry had been rumoured to be in for him.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    I see Freddie Ladapo has also been released by Rotherham. Would be a great signing, but I'd imagine one of the big boys in league one would be looking at him.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Would be the type of signing MT has alluded to wanting to sign. An experienced player who has played in the championship. I wonder if location would be an issue, seeing as how he has played up north for the best part of his career.
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    What’s your favourite?

    The promotion in 08 has to be the best. Firstly, To be 3-1 down on aggregate against your local rivals in a play off and win in the manour we did was almost unbelievable. The Harley goal which went through a sea of players took an age to get in! And then going on to win gain promotion, that...
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    Ahh I thought he was out of contract with Doncaster. Zanzala will do 😉
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    Omar Bogle is out of contract. Had a good second half of the season on loan from Doncaster to Hartlepool. He would be the physical profile we need to compliment both Nombe and Brown's style of play.
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    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Yes I believe he was responsible for loaning out Dara O'shea to us.
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    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Darren Moore would be stupid to send him out on loan again. If Pym was good enough to play championship last year, Dawson is more than capable of that.
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    I'm not big on signing ex city players but Norwood would be perfect. Work rate, quality, experience. Dream big.
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    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    The only way Dawson stays is if Wednesday get promoted.
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    Northampton 30 April pre match cobblers

    An opportunity to win the league and do one over our Wembley nemisis'. The team talk speaks for itself.
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    Offrande Zanzala

    I wouldn't read anything into it. Looks to me as if he's pushing for us to do something.
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    I'm sure MT will utilize the loan market again next season. Bournemouth have some very good attacking prospects, it wouldn't surprise me to see one come our way regardless of what league they are in. Likewise, yesterday proved that Diabete could really benefit from at least a half season out on...
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    Exeter City vs Rochdale match day thread

    They definitely should have had 10 men. Mcnulty clearly front OZ out of play and elbowed him on the face. The fact he came off shortly after further proved this.
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    Rochdale 23 Apr 22 pre match discussion

    I can't see us selling 600 tickets in the away end by tomorrow. However, if we can get a couple hundred in that terrace that would be great!