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    Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz 2021: Discussion, Prediction & Warm Up Thread

    The Xmas Advent game always helps the lull of a quiet exeweb, when people would rather talk to uncles, aunts and cousins twice removed during the festive period. Revenue made those 24 days to keep the site going.. What we could with is another Morris dancer to be dragged over the coals for being...
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    The Flouncing Thread

    I've got some spare rashers in the fridge, I could knock some up if you bring rolls..
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    Things you dont see anymore

    The piece of chocolate middle in a Feast was as big as the lolly
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    The Flouncing Thread

    Bit quiet in here
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    UK Lockdown

    Don’t tell the wife.. in the attic boxed ready for when I want to build them lol
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    UK Lockdown

    I have over 400 models in my stash
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    The Finance Thread....

    CANZUK.... Would this be our "get out of jail free" card now we are out of Europe.. All in the Empire.. is it a solution or just a fart in the wind??
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    Exeweb lookalikes

    Hahaha.. there was another one..
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    Exeweb lookalikes

    fooking missed that.. last time it was a young sam allerdyce!!
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    What book are you reading ...

    The Bible - God
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    Trust Snoods Available now.
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    What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in?

    I was in with Pancretitis 6 weeks ago.. never had pain like, up down sitting standing, in the fetal position, nothing helped.. I know your pain
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    What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in?

    Hits you right in the loins.. even with anaesthetic, the pain flows upward..
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    Politics Today

    Few observations.. Why wasn't he wearing a mask? why leave though the front door? Why not the back? I bet he did it this way to show he was off... but really he is staying in the background..
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    What is...

    1) The most valuable thing you own outright. - My house 2) Your favourite video game - Medal of Honour Series 3) Your plan for your main holiday of 2021 - Italy is on my list 4) The furthest you’ve driven in one day. 600 miles. drove to Rothienorman in Scotland to pick up a van 5) The next thing...