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    City and Chiefs same owner.

    Worth noting, also, that supporter ownership happened as a last gasp necessity not because of an underlying political persuasion of the people of Exeter. We aren't and shouldn't be tied into a democratically tied model just because we had our hands burnt almost 2 decades ago.
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    City and Chiefs same owner.

    You can believe in all the community stuff, "owning" our club but still be aware of the stark financial realities of being a pro club, even more so in the Covid situation. Personally I've always been happy for us to move onto a model which has supporter representation but not a majority...
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    City and Chiefs same owner.

    Clearly a post-2003 supporter.....
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    A blessing in disguise that we failed to get promoted

    Ainsworth close to joining Wilder as one of Tisdale's peers who actually adapted their methods and became better managers for it.
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    A blessing in disguise that we failed to get promoted

    When have we been though? We had a team of mostly Conference players on 2009, managed to stay up and follow up with our joint best season.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Terrible example, 16m difference v 90m difference, it's all about sensible valuations
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    Former Players

    He signed for WWFC because they were L1 and we weren't. He's a good L1 player, simple as.
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    Matt Taylor - What do we think so far?

    Whilst history plays a part, one of the big issues the club had when I started supporting City cicra 1995 was this idea that ECFC "will always be ****". Football - as with any sector - isn't a static thing, there are so many variables for success that history is only one factor. Exeter as a...
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    Ben Seymour

    Eh? That’s City appearances
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    Ben Seymour

    According to the official site he's played 345 minutes which amounts to 3.8 full games
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    Ben Seymour

    I don't agree with this at all.
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    Dean Moxey

    Big shame he didn't get the send off he deserves. Feel old knowing that I've seen him go from kicking a ball against my parents garage again and again (no they didn't let me play) to watching him break into the first team in the Conference, some great moments (Shrewsbury away, Leigh home, Donny)...
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    Matt Taylor is still King

    And I suggested we relook after 3 seasons which isn't that at all.
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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    RE: Tom Smith, I watch Bath City a fair bit as they're my local team He's a talented player, I would be slightly confused as to me he's similar to Matt Jay and therefore more of an understudy again for someone like Nicky Law. We need wide players. Does score some great goals on what are *****...
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    Who are the 8 players out of contract?

    You’ll never win anything with kids