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    Red Legion Disbanded

    A couple of years ago, I went to Swindon away and accidentally stood in the midst of the Legion. I have to say it was the most fun I've had watching City away in many years, I was on my feet for 90 minutes, sang my heart out and had a great time. It's a shame the RL have taken this decision...
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    Worst Ever Performance

    I don't attend as many matches as I'd like, so my choices are quite limited. The play-off final vs Coventry would probably be the one (I was angry for a good week after that, until Tisdale fell on his cravat and left), I'd also nominate the 4-1 tonking Mansfield gave us at the end of last...
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    Hartridge departs on loan to Bath City (6-months)

    I spent a delightfully sunny afternoon at Twerton Park, watching Bath vs Eastbourne Borough. Alex was responsible for probably the best piece of play in the first half - tackled the opposing striker cleanly but hard enough to put the guy on the floor, then up and pinged a 50 yard pass into...
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    Exeter City AFC v MK Dons Official Match Day Thread. 2 Feb 2019

    For those of us stranded away from God's Own County, what kind of reception have Tisdale / Harley and Wheeler received?
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Not that I'm aware of. They last played in 2007, in FA Cup qualifying. I'd have thought any previous would have been long forgotten! From the Bath end, their big rivals are Chippenham, Yeovil, Weston-Super-Mud. I work with a Bath season ticket holder, and he's never mentioned any dislike of the...
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon at Twerton Park, watching Bath vs Torquay. It was one of the most entertaining games I've seen in some time. Bath won 3-2 and deservedly so on the balance of play. Jamie Reid scored, but did very little else. The Torquay player who did impress was Liam...
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    Ollie Watkins

    In this part of the world, its been mentioned a fair few times that BCFC signed Niclas Eliasson for the same money at Brentford got Ollie. Eliasson has only over the past couple of months looked like a first reamer at Ashton Gate, and certainly hasn't performed with the consistency of Ollie...
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    Ryan Bowman

    Or we've promised to pay up once Ampadu gets to ten appearances for Chelsea...
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    Ollie Watkins

    A friend of mine is a Bristol City season ticket holder and had I not been at SJP yesterday, I'd have been at Ashton Gate to cheer Ollie on. I asked my friend how Ollie had done, and he described Ollie as 'a cut above anyone else on the pitch' and 'being wasted at Brentford'. Interestingly, Lee...
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    Matt Taylor Guardian interview

    I picked up on this too. There are a couple of schools of thought...: Tisdale didn't want Matty as part of his backroom team at MK and therefore kept the news from him. Secondly - and the one I'd personally subscribe to - I wonder if Tis had a quiet word with Taggy and suggested Matt as his...
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    Yeah, I was going for sarcasm. Always a sticky wicket o the interweb at the best of times.
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    I'm not claiming to be ITK or anything, but I have it on fairly good authority there's a kid there with the surname Ampadu who's supposed to be promising. Maybe we could look at bringing him to Devon?
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    Bath City v Exeter City PSF Matchday Thread

    I'd echo a few thoughts on here...: Aaron Martin - He's a big old unit, I hadn't appreciated how big he is. Him and Troy as a CB pairing is not going to let many League 2 attackers get the better of them. Jimmy Oates - not convinced. If he stays at Hereford, he'll be playing in the Northern...
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    I've seen Wagstaff play for Bristol City, in League One and the Championship. Always gave 100%, scored some absolute screamers and a cracking goal celebration too (the flop to the floor). He'll be a favourite on the terraces before the end of August. If he signs, I'll start to get even more...
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    Youth 2018/19

    If he ever makes the first team, there won't be a dry eye on the Big Bank for his debut...