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    Spurs ? Shirley not ?

    No European distractions either. It happened for Valencia, Shalke and Dortmund in recent seasons and very nearly Sevilla. Fingers crossed!
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    FIFA saying NO to poppy's

    Agree 100%
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    Not Many 'Names' In the England Squad

    Sturridge may be half decent but he went missing against Manchester United and Arsenal. Not sure yet if he is a proper striker or just a flat track bully. Agree that he deserves a shot though. Aside from Johnson over Richards, which is ludicrous in my mind, I'm not sure who else he was supposed...
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    The new Andy Gray Is.....

    Backing Neville all the way he's got the making of a good pundit. Pleased Sky didn't go with a lead pundit in the "top, top player" Redknapp/Shearer mould. I'd back that completely, although some of the blame rests...
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Late goal for Brighton leaves us 8th! :D :D :D
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Another away win, positive goal difference, 4 points ahead of Plymouth. Perfect day, really! :)
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Respect to Tisdale for picking this team today. Rested 2 of the first choice midfield, stuck with Logie/Cureton and we're now 3-1 up. He gets knocks for his team selection but (and I hope I'm not speaking before I should do!) but he seems to have made good decisions today. Keep Dunne and Sercs...
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Fingers crossed fella!! :D
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Giles is suck a c*ck. I don't know why he even bothers going. No matter what league we have been in he always approaches matches with inaccurate moans and gripes.
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    Tony Blair buys ninth home

    Possibly, although they have more influence than I do!
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    Tony Blair buys ninth home

    Too sensitive, wont happen. :)
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    Pick Your England Team......

    He's lazy, slow and goes missing in big games. Looks a superstar against the crap end of the premiership though. He needs to play with a ball winner in the centre. I'd go for either Huddlestone or Rodwell alongside someone with a bit more bite like Cattermole.
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    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    Re: The Conference thread Madness! Waiting for the capitulation, the revelations of the debt etc etc then the club folding and AFC Crawley forming in Dog and Duck league 7. Craddock left Luton which is a blow to their hopes..
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    Tony Blair buys ninth home

    Pity we look the other way when it comes to worries about the legality of Israel and so many of its actions. If ever there was a situation which fans the flames of radicalism and gives the extremists endless propaganda to turn the whole situation into a war.. Military strategies to conquer...
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    Tony Blair buys ninth home

    Meh. It's almost like the majority of politicians are self serving c*nts. It's bad enough c*nts like Blair write their memoirs and go on speech tours immediately after leaving office to maximise their earnings after leaving their own party/country as a whole in a state but it's even worse when...