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    Starting 11 for 18/19 season

    This has to be the first time in years that I look at our 1st team whatever players you pick without there being at the very least one player who looks like a weak link. Certainly the midfield especially looks as strong as I can remember it for a long, long time with a lot of depth to it as...
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    If that is true then I think it helps support the 3 year contract by way of there being little point in a release clause on a 2 year contract but a 3 year contract where by the player could have a great 1st year and then attract interest but not be able to move as the club prices him out of it...
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    Youth 2018/19

    I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the number 9 shirt is 'retired' unless one of Stanno's children plays for the 1st team at ECFC so if he does come through you can almost be certain he will be given the number to wear and give everybody else emotional overloud at the same time! :-)
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    Apparently been a little injury prone at times whilst at Gillingham but looks a high quality player from what I have seen for this level. If this comes off I wonder how much MT insisting on a Strength and Conditioning has helped as for a player who has had some issues with injuries I can see it...
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    Ryan Harley

    Only surprised it has taken this long to be announced officially but good luck to Harley at MK Dons apart from against us of course. He has been a great player for us especially in the first spell but at this point of his career I can't say I am losing too much sleep over him leaving especially...
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    Ryan Harley

    Yes thank you Mr Moxey I am quite aware of what 'common knowledge' means, thankfully my education allowed me that. If you look back at my original post I did say it was 'fairly common knowledge' not that it was completely common knowledge although that is down to interpretation I guess on what...
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    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    From what I heard MT said that he was looking at bringing in quality over quantity this summer with 2 Center Backs, 2 or 3 strikers and a couple midfielders coming in with 4/5 permanent signings and a few loans on top. Midfield wise that has probably changed with James going but to my mind that...
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    Ryan Harley

    I'm quite happy to have a bet for charity with you that it will happen......
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    Lloyd James joins Forest Green

    When I saw the bain of my footballing life had left a couple of days ago I let out the loudest scream of happiness I have had for years followed by a out of body experience that we had actually 'sold' him for money as well no matter how much it ended up being........ Always tried hard and...
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    Ryan Harley

    It has been fairly common knowledge for a least 3 weeks that Harley is off to MK Dons but whether we get a small fee or not I don't know. Personally I thank Ryan Harley for some wonderful memories and service to the club but I won't be losing any sleep over him leaving at this stage of his...
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    Bad news

    My take on it is that JMT was coming to the end of his contract where he knew he could leave the club for free if he didn't sign a contract and pick up a big signing on fee alongside better wages. The agent involved advised him not to sign a new contract unless he was effectively given a free...
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    Taggs explanation

    From what I hear it is the agent who happens to be a former player who is the source of the problem to begin with and its a very good job that a number of our players told him to do one when he was sniffing around previously....
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    Retained list / squad for 2017/2018

    If he does then it will be for a decent fee as he is under contract which gives Taylor more money to build the squad HE wants. I definately do not want him to leave by the way as he clearly has a lot of potential. Everybody knows that the midfield needs to freshened up anyway so you hope that...
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    Matt Taylor is the new boss

    Thinking about this a bit more it will be very interesting to see who the club appoint as Director of Football to replace Perryman as that could make or break the success the club sees going forward. What I do not want to see is somebody from within the 'club' to get the job, it HAS to be...
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    Matt Taylor is the new boss

    Pretty much was planned by the looks of it. I think he will do well and will know the club, will know the youth, will have relationships with the players which should help with retention etc and you would imagine he is relatively cheap. That being said I still think there was the potential to...