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    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    I'm having to make do with the radio Devon commentary today, can someone please remind me what frequency I need to tune into in Mid Devon?
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    Exeter City v Bradford City 7/8/21 Matchday Thread

    Last time we went to Yorkshire on the opening Saturday of the season we took 3000 yet you're making excuses why Bradford couldn't even sell out our little away end! Big club my arse!
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    After trying to find a marquee size scoreboard all preseason, Taylor's finally agreed terms for a 32 inch from tesco! 😀
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    3 New Directors Appointed Today

    Why isn't there a banging your head against a brick wall emoji? I think we need it for a few poster on this page! 🙈
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    New Away / 3rd kit for upcoming season?

    Looks good to me but I've not zoomed in! What do you think is really awful up close?
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    Former Players

    Matt Gill has left Ipswich as their first team coach.
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    Late April/May 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    24/4 H Newport 1-0 W 27/4 H Grimsby 3-2 W 01/5 A Bolton 3-0 L 08/5 H Barrow 1-1 D 7pts
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    April 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/04 A Port Vale W 2-0 05/04 H Mansfield D 1-1 10/04 A Cambridge United D 0-0 13/04 A Barrow W 2-0 17/04 H Southend W 4-1 20/04 A Forest Green Rovers D 1-1 24/04 H Newport D 1-1 27/04 H Grimsby W 1-0 16 points!
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    The opposition’s views

    From the Tranmere manager... Keith Hill on Exeter: "For me, regardless of whoever goes up, that's a League One side playing in League Two. "They haven't made it for the last two or three seasons. The way they do things and recruit through their own academy. I think it's superb. "Trust me, that...
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    Colchester United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    The BBC reckon we'll be lining up like this! 😂
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    Exeter City v Grimsby Town matchday thread. (postponed)

    So games we're interested in today. Latest scores Mansfield 0 v 0 Cambridge Cheltenham 0 v 1 Bradford Salford 0 v 1 Carlisle Tranmere 1 v 1 Oldham Barrow 0 v 1 Morecambe I'm guessing we'd prefer Carlisle to beat Salford?
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    Social media presence

    Yes, I got into loads of trouble when Bally arrived and started buying a different player everyday! 😀
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    February 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/02 A Stevenage D 1-1 06/02 H Bradford City L 1-2 09/02 A Barrow W 0-2 13/02 A Oldham L 0-2 16/02 A Newport D 1-1 20/02 H Grimsby W 2-0 23/02 A Colchester L 2-0 27/02 A Crawley D 1-1 Pts 9
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    Transfer Rumours 2020/21

    Is it Don Goodman again?
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    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread - 1.00pm Kick off

    Great ball by Collins though!