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    Ryan Harley

    Sorry to see Harley leave. He would be in my all time City XI. However, it is all in the timing and of late he has not consistently delivered. He may have been in and out of our new line-up, whereas Tisdale will most likely persist with him. Law of diminishing returns, or something like that...
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    Robbie Simpson

    I thought that MK would be serious about promotion this season. This signing makes it clear why Tisdale likes a roller and a long term project. Please please please unleash Simpson against City at the end of next month. :D
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    Lloyd James joins Forest Green

    I saw him play against us last season and I agree that he wasn’t all that. I would still take him over Lloyd James, though.
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    Lloyd James joins Forest Green

    Back on topic, the idea of L James esq as a defensive midfielder is laughable. So many replies on this thread are spot on. 99 games for City and only a handful when he looked like a decent player. Most of the rest he wasn’t up to scratch. His corner kicks sum him up - always in vaguely the...
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    Lloyd James joins Forest Green

    Your question can join the queue. It’s been over a year since 007 was asked the true value of Ollie Watkins, when he announced that the club had got it wrong. It’s a simple answer, but he was never prepared to give it. Turns out it is because the rest of us are ignorant. Who”d have thought it?
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    So whats the latest on Pym?

    So does anyone know if Christy is annoying his holiday? I think we should be told.
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    music quiz redux

    Both were involved in a battle of the bands in the 1930s, proving that cheesy musical competitions were not invented by Simon Cowell. Ellington apparently won, outranking Basie. And now over to another guessing game involving initials.
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    Bad news

    Another four years of the Tories to endure. Another two and a half years of Trump and now JMT walks away for nothing. At the moment it feels like we are going to be stuck in League 2 forever.
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    music quiz redux

    The answer has nothing to do with the peerage. True story.
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    music quiz redux

    How do I post this as Ian Sideman? Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Who outranks the other and why?
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    Did you know...

    Every football hooligan‘s second team is Corinthian Casuals.
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    music quiz redux

    Wings had a song called 1985.
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    Matt Taylor Assistant

    Matt Taylor is proving to be quite a tease, giving this series of clues. Or is that an attempt to manipulate social media?
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    Tisdale to MK Dons

    Tisdale will have plenty of opportunity to big up MKD as a unique club and a challenging project etc. It looks now as if the most important thing to him was maintaining a rolling contract - its almost as if he can‘t work without one. More fool Winkleman for buying that argument. Still, its his...
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    Tisdale to MK Dons

    I LOL‘d when I saw that Tis had taken Gwinnett with him. No actual basis for my impression, but it seems to me that he is already surrounding himself with yes men.