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    Did you know...

    My problem with Ant and Dec is that I want to deck Ant.
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    The Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz XIII

    Coventry City - British equivalent of Motown. Also they ran riot against us at Wembley.
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    Did you know...

    It was only she got married that Whoopi Goldberg could begin to forgive her parents, Mr and Mrs Cushion.
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    Exeter City vs Macclesfield Town official matchday thread

    I can’t decide whether we are a team running through treacle or a team running out of ideas. Macc were a really poor side, certainly not Div 4 standard, but we never looked like we wanted to expose their weaknesses. Sweeney is so obviously in need of a rest and a visit to a sports psychologist...
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    Did you know...

    The first time I saw a Swedish weather girl was my Ulrika moment.
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    When was the last time?

    That City faced a team led by a former City manager? It will happen on Saturday. As far as I can work out, the previous time was after Terry Cooper left in 1991 and we must have played Birmingham the following season. Few City managers go on to better things, let alone another job at the same...
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    Team for Newport

    The change is certainly refreshing. Square pegs in square holes for the first time in years.
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    Team for Newport

    If it ain’t bust, you either play the Ipswich line up or the Morecambe one. Happy days.
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    Did you know...

    All of the members of Shakatak* are in therapy to deal with their anger management issues with outbuildings. * ask your grandparents
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    Predict L2 2018/19

    I’m in. 1. Notts Co. 2. Swindon 3. Mansfield 4. MK Dons 5. Lincoln 6. Stevenage 7. Oldham 8. Crawley 9. Tranmere 10. Northampton 11. Exeter 12. Grimsby 13. Colchester 14. Newport 15. Port Vale 16. Forest Green 17. Crewe 18. Cheltenham 19. Cambridge 20. Bury 21. Yeovil 22. Carlisle 23. Morecambe...
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    Did you know...

    The FA want to honour the England squad from Russia. To encourage the artistic talents of lower division footballers they are introducing the John Stones Paint Trophy. They are also considering allowing U23 players from the Premiership and Championship to participate.
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    Did you know...

    Everyone knows that Abba are Sweden”s biggest musical export, but people tend to forget that Ikea nd Tina Turner paved the way for them.
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Mr Osborne”s Xmas list: Please Santa can I have 1. An arena 2. A hotel 3. A nice new housing estate 4. Another casino 5. A tiny two-sided football ground on the edge of Torbay, which someone else can bring up to capacity, maybe, if they really can be bothered.
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    Did you know...

    Many doctors in West London are renowned for having ealing ands.
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    The Coach and Horses, Horns Cross. There is room to turn around inside this pub. Just. Like being in someone’s living room. With beer on tap.