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    TV Times

    The English Game Not sure if anyone has reviewed this one as I canr see it over the last 10 pages I loved this, watched all 6 episodes in a day, it's on Netflix and follows the early development of our beloved FA Cup. 9.88/10
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    TV Times

    A new series of Race Across the World started on bbc2 last night, I enjoyed the 1st series which saw pairs of people go from Greenwich to Singapore via checkpoints for the price of a single flight each but they cannot use a plane, they have no phones or atm cards and only rely on a map and GPS...
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    Potential TV game for Arg*le game

    Sky dont but BT have Chelsea v Man City @ 1230......not that sky or myself would care much for that
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    TV Times

    I seem to have a lot to catch up on I have a couple more episodes of world on fire, which I have found quite good and then onto the witcher so no spoilers please
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £50 double on macc and Newport please
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    albums of 2019

    Ah, each to their own and they're good fun live. Personally I think the same about Tool as you do about DPU but we can't all be lovers of a cymbal
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    albums of 2019

    Slightly heavier tastes than most but it's all great music Slipknot - We are not your kind Dream State - Primrose path While She Sleeps - So what? Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - End of suffering Korn - The nothing Sum 41 - Order in decline Dinosaur Pile Up - Celebrity mansions Alien...
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    Will take a draw and replay at ours but this is also a chance to get a change of away form
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    November 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    A Bradford City. Lose 3-2 H Cheltenham. Win 2-0 A Crawley. Win 3-1 6 points
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    Worst Ever Performance

    League cup 0-4 loss against Barnet in the mid 90s on a cold, wet and truly miserable Tuesday night, think we were 3 down by half time and is one of the only times I have ever left a game before the final whistle
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    October 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    05/10 A Crewe Lose 2-1 12/10 H Forest Green Rovers Draw 2-2 19/10 A Cambridge United Win 2-0 22/10 A Scunthorpe Win 2-1 26/10 H Plymouth Win 2-1 10 Points
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £10 accumulator on wins for Cheltenham, orient, macclesfield, Northampton and scunthorpe £20 double on draws at Swindon and Carlisle
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    Little things that annoy you

    Traffic updates or more to the point when they cut in over a song and then cut out again before they give you any information plus when you get the only one of your journey when you are almost there.....cheers for that
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £10 accumulator on draws at cambridge, crewe, Bradford, Plymouth and a win for port Vale
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    Argyle tickets

    It was Preston on a Tuesday night and they were on the verge of going up so they had a very large following, we on the other hand were not interested in league anymore that season.