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    Premiership Footballer coming to city

    My guess is Sam Gallagher as the women fron Winkworths the selling agents, has the surname Gallagher..

    Supporter of the year

    Early days I know but is there a clear winner already? The 14 year old who was tweeted by coles and managed to rid our club of him. This has released his wages to be used on cummins and Riberio and a decent loan. Good lad.

    Danny Coles

    I agree but what I meant that in general whether your 14 or 84 go on twitter and there will be some form of abuse. I'm not condoning it but just saying as a parent if your kid is tweeting then there will be abuse somewhere for him to experience. In this case Coles has been a t##t and should lose...

    Danny Coles

    Ok what he's done is wrong and he should lose the captaincy but don't turn this into some kind of witch hunt. Most of us have made a few errors in life, maybe he was a bit ****ed or just had a row or was just being totally ignorant. Not sure it's really a sackable offence. Twitter works both...

    City Under 21's v Blackburn Under 21's Tuesday

    Complete own goal, especially for students. This club needs a real wake up call regarding ticket prices. How to alienate the people of Exeter.

    Player of the year 2012/13

    Re: Current Player of the Year favourites?

    New club anthem?

    Didn't go to Scunny game but thought the Greek music was great. Perhaps we could get a bit of an atmosphere (arm to arm or shoulder to shoulder?) going with this song. Every club needs a song to identify with. Feta pasties at half time with a shot of ouzo...

    'BIG' news tomorrow

    A VERY UNINTERESTING NEWSLETTER FROM THE UNIVERSITY TRYING TO LOOK AS IF THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING. Note on the left of leaflet about their patrols on campus only but will discuss other disturbences. I only found this out recently when I called them out. They were not interested as it was on...

    'BIG' news tomorrow

    It would be nice if the Uni used some of their green areas to house their students. I think it is naive to think by building blocks of accommodation the rented properties will go back to owner occupation - yes a few out at the edges of Mount Pleasent but in general a student prefers a house to...
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    'BIG' news tomorrow

    The wonderful council will do whatever the University tells it to do. You have to feel very sorry for the local residents. There are a number of developments already plus ones in western way (nearly 500), Sidwell st (stoneman), Bishop Blackall site, corner of Well Street. Its hell living here...
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    Exeter City v Yeovil Matchday Thread

    Agree - golbourne was on the back foot and behind Bowditch. Hamer had to do something or it was a free header. Golbourne was to blame but perhaps Hamer should have done better to cut the cross out. Nevertheless our defence was awol. Same with 3rd goal - good save but they got to the loose ball...
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    Ben Hamer

    I'm beginning to wonder about some of the idiots on the BB. The abuse Hamer was getting was sad. Yet again instead of getting behind our team...... IMO Golbourne was out of position for their 2nd, being behind the scorer. Hamer saw this and realised he had to stop a free header but didnt make...
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    Match day mascot

    Thanks I was looking under fans section.
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    Match day mascot

    Have looked on the main club website but I cant see where the details are on being a match day mascot. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Swindon v Exeter Prediction Thread

    1-1 sercombe to be red carded after 76 mins but a last gasp Ryan Taylor goal to earn a point