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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Stepped on the upper part of the Italians foot.If that's a red in any age of the game,then rules need a complete revision. I see when Sterling got his foot trod on in the Scotland match in the penalty box ,the ref didn't even give a foul. VAR is there and it could be used to standardise the...
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    Euro 2021

    His squad selection was flawed right from the beginning. A combination of an unbalanced mix of skill sets,short of a few older heads and only picking 4 strikers when 3 of them were known to be out of form was left us with 1 goal in 2 games and under achievement. Don't get me started on the...
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    The team is going to be vastly different next year.A lot of work will be needed to shape all those new players into a cohesive unit.
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    It's always squeaky bum time of year when we worry about whether the replacements will be as good or better than those that have left.
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    It's been a massive exodus of players out of the club.A conspiracy theorist would ask if there is something wrong behind the scenes.
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    Thought he might leave.That shopping list is getting longer and longer all the time.
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    Welcome Josh Coley - our new No. 31

    I might have to ask this of every player we sign this summer. What's his injury record like?
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    Goodbye Randell Williams

    Good move for both sides.I couldn't see him progressing much more at City.Think he will do well at another club that uses him in a more direct manner than we did.
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    Having two injury prone keepers on the books was unrealistic for a L2 side and neither of these keepers looked like getting into some solid medium term form this season,despite how good Ward played in the previous one.Maybe it was a lack of confidence brought on by breaking a bone.Williams...
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    It shows how much involvement a keeper has in terms of communication and and organising that the mistakes started to reduce without Ward and Maxted and when they did happen,there was someone more competent to cover up those errors.
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    Starting eleven for next season

    Think I'm going to wait until we have filled some of the gaping holes in the squad before I work out the best first XI.
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    You only have to look at how we were leaking goals before we signed Iceman to realise that having two ordinary keepers was holding us back.It was the missing piece in our defence that was there from the pre-season friendlies. It's unfortunate that we stopped scoring goals regularly as soon as we...
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    Despite the disappointing end to the season,this has easily been the most enjoyable one for me since I started following City with all its highs and lows(That's in complete contrast to so many people on social media glad to be be rid of this season😀).Living so far far away from City and with my...
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    Jake Taylor

    Will probably move,but I think we still need him.Collins and Taylor barely got any respite during possibly the shortest and most congested season there has been for many years.During that time he maintained his form.This isn't a position we should be wasting funds on.We need to give Taylor and...
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    Biggest moment of the season?

    Enlightening stats on Ajose.We approximately got the same out of him as everyone else has since the Summer of 2016.Biggest moment of next season should be to bring in a new face for the player recruitment side of the business. Even if it means a reshuffle of the backroom staff.