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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    The one thing you can be sure about with Matt Taylor is that he is realistic,his interviews bear witness to that,and the youngsters that he coached are now coming through and we have exciting times ahead.He is far from the finished article and he would be the first to acknowledge this,but when I...
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    FA Youth Cup: City vs Bournemouth. Match day thread

    The youngster are doing us proud,and long may it continue UTC !
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    Lowe was damned lucky the season ended when it did,because I am sure we would have beaten them at gnome park and they would have imploded,but hey ho they got promoted with the same weak defence that they had in league 2 and now the chickens are coming home to roost !
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    Won’t be long before the knives are out for Lowe,the best thing he can do is b###goer off back to la la land cos the janners won’t put up with his leaking defence for long !
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    Grimsby Town V Exeter City Match Day Thread Tuesday 1st December 2020 7.00 p.m. kick off

    Well done city,keep scoring and playing with pace and we won’t be far away from the autos,the only downside will be other people taking notice and looking at our youngsters,but it’s good momentum and I am sure this is the way Matt Taylor wants them to play UTC (oh and a BIG well done to Jimmy...
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    Dan McCauley

    is this the same Stuart dawe that named his house home park
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    Manager Thread redux

    If ever there was a club who needs a decent manager,then it is Sunderland
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    Every interview Matt does after a game always oozes the need that he wants to do better,we are going 8n the right direction and while he isn’t perfect,I am very happy that he is our manager and hopefully will continue to be so.we are playing some good football and the young players coming...
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    Paul Tisdale - New Bristol Rovers Manager

    No I think 5 1 against the wendies was the nearest we came
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    Paul Tisdale - New Bristol Rovers Manager

    Well rovers fans must be pinching themselves 6 nil up,so that should take a bit of pressure off the cheese
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    Did a very very good job for us,leaves with good memories and maybe one day we will see him back in a city shirt,well done and thank you
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    Things you dont see anymore

    A politician who doesn’t talk complete and utter b####ks !
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    Gillingham vs City FA Cup 2nd Rd MDT

    Well done city,great result against Evans and co,nice draw in round 3 would do nicely UTC
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    Dan McCauley

    I met him once at taunton services just after he got involved with the janners,I said you must be mad getting involved with that lot,he laughed and said city didn’t know what they were missing:LOL: I did see him at quite a few city home games in the years after,sadly I think he has passed away...
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    UK Lockdown

    It is rapidly getting to the point where people arent Going to believe a word johnson and his scientific pals say,tiers don’t work,so we must lockdown.we have had lockdown,so now we go back to tiers which allegedly don’t work,so we just keep carrying on down the same path,is it a sign of...