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    Euro 2021

    Saka playing well,But we need to defend better,because if the ball had fallen kindly the Czechs would have equalised
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    The Pitch

    Charlie is doing a very good job
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    I think Gary Johnson is a good manager and next season I hope you go up automatically,I couldn’t see any problem with your 2 disallowed goals
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    UK Lockdown

    What about the Scotland players who were playing table tennis against him ?
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    Club Captain

    George Friend ?
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    I await the news with baited breath !
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Rather it have been the gulls than the monkey hangers,but we don’t have to play the gulls so that will dissapoint all the argyle janner scum who seemed to think they would have beaten us with ease,sorry greenies
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Tell posh to fro,he ain’t for sale
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    Starting eleven for next season

    As long as messi and ronaldo are in the starting 11,I am not too bothered about the rest
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    Politics Today

    Boris is spending so much time on levelling up the red wall,people in the south are getting cheesed off,HS2 and lax planning won’t end well for the tories,so expect snake oil gove to be getting ready for a challenge to boris
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    UK Lockdown

    Yes,like they are going to take notice of wee jimmy krankee,the rangers fans didn’t and I don’t expect they will take notice of the mayor of London either,either way it looks like the met won’t have time for taking the knee after the game
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    Good luck to Ryan bowman,not the best player we’ve had but certainly not the worst,and always gave100%so I hope he does well for the shrews and I hope Matt Taylor gets a decent replacement
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    Latest Club News..

    The main reason behind the chiefs going from one man and his dog at the county ground,to success at sandy park is basically down to tony rowe,like him or loathe him,he has driven the rugby club forward with vision and tenacity!(personally I am not a fan because of what happened to the falcons at...
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Ref Ben Whitfield,says he played in bradfords youth set up,would there be any links to Matt Taylor ?
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    Politics Today

    Boris Johnson is totally incompetent,that’s all you can say about him,but the joke is that he is in 10 Downing Street