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    Exeter City v Morecambe final Home Game 2022-23

    On the scale of 'weird' that must rate highly. Where on earth the ref found 14 minutes will remain a long term matter for conjecture. I hate criticising refs, but this one appeared to know nothing about the contact laws either. In patches we played some flowing football, but at others it looked...
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    Exeter City v Morecambe final Home Game 2022-23

    Not too sure I like an early start on a Sunday. It's 14c with a gentle WNW breeze, and light grey cloud cover. If the cloud burns off it could be quite warm later, though I'm guessing that by the time that happens I'll be in Red Square contemplating an early refresher. We had 4mm of rain in the...
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    Farewell Mike Cooper - enjoy retirement

    I'd go along with Right Wing's earlier post. Mike has been so much more than just a face at the ticket window. He was a very early supporter of the notion of the Trust and worked hard (along with a lot of other people) to make the idea of 211 fans taking control of the Club a reality. I don't...
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    It was 20 years ago today

    Longer than a decade. The teams that had been built in the previous 15 years (and the managers that had been employed) were all built at the expense of support for the infrastructure of the Club, Ground and Estate. Relegation may have seemed inevitable, and jokes about visits to Leigh RMI...
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    SJP capacity

    A bit of a dichotimy here. On the one hand the Club has been successful over the last 20 years because it doesn't own the ground, or even much of the space surrrounding it. It was, and therefore continues to be an unattractive prospect for anyone wanting to 'buy into'its modest success. The City...
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    Exeter City FC Vs Derby County FC - Matchday Thread

    Thanks Isca! It's been difficult to post much before now as the wind has been constantly changing all day. It's currently ESE, which at the time of writing is bringing in some rain clouds, but the barometer suggests it's moving round to ENE and probably on to NE, which probably means that any...
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    City v Argyle - Matchday Thread

    I'm sitting in mt study writing this with my "We'll never play you again" T shirt on. The 'never' has a horizontal line through it in red. As I recall it was produced by Egg in 2011 after some over-enthusistic green supporter posted on their website that I dare not mention, the above words. So...
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    Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers Matchday Thread

    It's turning into a seriously good early April day. Current temperature is 13c, and the wind has indeed gone round to ENE and seems to be on its way to SSE. It's also barely blowing at all at the moment. UV is currently 4. Cloud is 95% grey/blue . looking forward to the game, and also wondering...
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    Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers Matchday Thread

    It's been a chilly start to the morning. It's currently 7c, but if you factor in a nagging northerly breeze it feels slightly colder. The barometer is moving at speed (well as fast as barometers do!) with the wind shifting round towards NE then E and I'd guess onto something like SSE which means...
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    Bolton Wanderers home - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    Advance warning that the road between Well Street and Old Tiverton Road will be closed on Friday. No vehicular traffic. No access from Oxford road either.
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    Exeter City vs Barnsley Official Matchday Thread - Tuesday 28 March 2023

    It's been a truly depressing day from the point of view of the weather. It's currently 11c, and the temperature is actually rising, but it's been a day of miserable Devon mizzle, with occasionally heavier bursts of rain. The wind has, indeed gone round tto SSW and dropped in strength. Looking...
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    Exeter City vs Barnsley Official Matchday Thread - Tuesday 28 March 2023

    Hate to be the denier of Hant's earlier photograph, but it's currently raining in Exeter. The SSE wind is blowing in an insistent rainfall that has increased during the last hour. It's 9c, but it certainly feels colder. The upside is that the barometer suggests the wind will slowly shift round...
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    The Official Exeter City versus Accrington Stanley 'who are they?' Matchday Thread

    It's 13c, but feels slightly colder on account of the wind. However, the wind velocity is dropping as the wind moves round to WSW, and probably onto SW sometime this evening, which will almost certainly bring more rain. It's to be hoped that it holds off until after the match. The light grey...
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    The Official Exeter City versus Accrington Stanley 'who are they?' Matchday Thread

    Here it is Russ... I was going to put 'here' tis' ..but fans of a certain age and all that... It's bright 12c, but feeling colder in a brisk W wind that has been gusting up to 5 during the course of the morning. There are also flecks of rain in the air, but I'd expect them to blow through by...
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    Accrington Stanley home - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    Not carrying the preview on in any way, I recollect that when we played Accrington Stanley away in our first season in the Conference, I was cornered by Eric Whalley, their then Chairman who gave me 40 minutes, hot sweet and at considerable volume about the disgust he felt at Exeter City not...