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    Happy Birthday Nursey

    Happy birthday Hun, lovely to see u this eve xx
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    Doim's back!!!

    Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!! Don't put me in that category lol
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    Doim's back!!!

    And loving it..... Banned
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    Audience tickets

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone London based would like 4 free priority tickets to the filming of Worth a Fortune (ITV) for Weds 10th August @ 19:45. I can't make it so just wanting someone else to make use of them. Cheers :)
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    Wanted - lift to Bristol and back tomorrow

    Yes, I've pm'd but no reply yet
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    Wanted - lift to Bristol and back tomorrow

    Hi all, Sorry to ask so late but has anyone got a space going to Bristol and back tomorrow please? I'll obviously chip in for petrol. Thank you, please pm. Claire
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    Celebrity get me out of here

    Of course she faked it. Made me quite angry to be honest. Although watching Dec try not to laugh was amusing!
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    Christmas parties

    That's the one. I guess no one goes there anymore after them being in the paper so my boss thought there was a good chance they'll have availability!!!
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    Christmas parties

    Mine is on the 11th December. Yes, my Argyle supporting boss organised it for that date. I'm pretty sure it's so I don't go. And it's at an all you can eat chinese. How Christmassy..... I'm not going.
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    JPT: Rovers kick off time confirmed

    Argh I have work. I can't go. Meh.
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    ECFC v PAFC.....

    Looking at from when we host, will we kick off. not about last night....
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    Disgraceful Scenes at Home Park

    According to the Express and Echo the game is on the (no idea if this has been mentioned before) Also, to keep in line with the OP I am quite worried about going on the 11th....
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    ECFC v PAFC.....

    I know the scenes last night were disgraceful but am I the only one thinking that it may happen when they visit us. We have the hoolies too..... I pray it doesn't and everyone behaves. Please.
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    Blocked, deleted and ignored

    There were quite a few people commenting on her facebook and the problems are actually very serious so I'm not an interfering busybody although the term made me smile :)
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    The end of the speed camera?