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    Former Players

    I think you’ll find he already is joint top scorer....
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    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    Usually it’s on a weekend/bank holiday whereas this will be on a normal work day so that might have something to do with it...?
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    Semi-final Live coverage

    No you only get a selection of channels, none of which will feature City.
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    Academy Graduates - Professional Contracts

    Unlikely he’ll be sitting his exams as they have all been cancelled!!
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    so there’s a host more players to be seen here: So that leaves the unseen list to: L.Martin Holmes Warren Key Chrisene Dyer I think..... :unsure:
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    L2 Retained Lists

    Shephard would be good, especially if Randell leaves
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    So in terms of players that have been pictured in training so will most likely be available for the playoffs we have: Ward Sweeney Atangana A.Martin Law Williams Bowman Ajose Jay Fisher Richardson Maxted Taylor Randall Hartridge Seymour Players yet to be spotted: Woodman L.Martin Holmes...
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    Exeter City v Colchester Prediction Thread

    I’m predicting a 1-1 draw at their place before we beat them 2-1 at SJP
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    This is why I feel our excellent squad depth could be mightily important for us
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    20/21 Season

    That’s what they tried in Hungary for the cup final and it didn’t go too well.....
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    Who would play left wing back in that scenario? do you really want to play with only 1 striker??
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    Ollie Watkins

    Watkins played the first half before being replaced (as was almost every other player that started the game) for the second half
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    You can buy a week/day pass on Now TV if you so choose
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    Really?!! From what I’ve seen of him Nigel has been a fantastic anchor man in the midfield. I think Matt Taylor will go for: Ward Sweeney Martin Parkes Williams Dickenson (based on latest interview it seems he is cautious of bringing back Sparkes so soon) Atangana Taylor Law Bowman Ajose...