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    Euro 2020 winner odds

    Please note that I did not criticise his football abilities one little bit. It's off the field where his problems lie, have you forgotten the Iceland hotel Covid bubble breaking incident already ? And when I hear of fatherhood being part of the making of him, it's a joke. The guy is totally...
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    Former Players

    He might have been a reasonable player many years ago, but has been dogged by injury problems ever since. I doubt very much that he will set the Conference "alight" for Les and his Mariners.
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    Euro 2021

    Are you Scottish or summat ? :unsure:
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    Odds & sods

    In the last match of the season 1963-64, the team arrived back at Exeter St Davids from Workington around 1pm on Sunday lunch time, having travelled all night. They weren't using sleeper carriages either !
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    The Pitch

    He would have needed a piggy back to get across it ! :p
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    music quiz redux

    You might wish to think that but I couldn't possibly comment ! :)
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    music quiz redux

    I am reminded of that Byrds song, summat about an "Old Chestnut" 'mare ! :unsure:
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    If this thread had four legs it would have been "put down" by now ! :(
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    Old MOTD & Big Match.

    Even after the passage 35 years, you have just spoilt my day Olds by posting that clip of the cheating count ! :mad:
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    Fixtures for 2021/22

    Which lads would those be ? :) :unsure:
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Sadly the "late" TPC once of this parish has scuppered your plans already Andrew, by seemingly getting his "red card" from this forum. 😎
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    Little things that amuse you

    If you buy 5 litres instead, it will of course equate to roughly 1.1 gallons ! Here to help ! :)
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    Problems at Northampton Town

    And has taken how many years ? ? And now we have charges brought under political donations, unbelievable Geoff ! I would be interested in learning how many Councillors, Council Staff, and members of the local Constabulary are members of Masonic Lodges ?
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    Return of fans

    Certainly left me scratching my head in bemusement ! :unsure:
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    Time for a new train line through the south west

    See timings have been posted already. Saphos have a pool of 4(?) engines they use. Am not up to date but Royal Scot is certainly one, the others currently may include Brittania, and Braunton. The diesel reference is likely a reference to the supporting class 47, and haulage on earlier parts of...