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    music quiz redux

    That's lowered the tone a bit on this thread Al ! 😎
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Given that for his last loan, the fee reduced the more that he played, then strangely our percentage of the fee could actually total more if he doesn't play ! :)
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    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    From her critically acclaimed 1979 comeback album "Broken English". It might be tactful to play it when "her indoors" is out shopping though, if she is of a tender disposition ! :p Cracking good song it must be said ! Albeit didn't get any airplay on the wireless, for reasons that will...
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    Former Players

    Maybe Willenhall is "twinned" with Gibraltar or summat ? :)
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    music quiz redux

    Ace (which included Paul Carrack) in the 70s and had a big hit with "How Long".
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    music quiz redux

    Just be thankful that you weren't a fan of American Soul and R&B and after a Rolls Royce !
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    music quiz redux

    Perchance a good plug for Swanny there Spoonz ? :)
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    music quiz redux

    "Maybe tomorrow" it will be the Stereophonics ?
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    T.V. adverts you can't stand

    Christmas goods appearing on the Supermarket shelves from the beginning of September ! :mad:
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    Obituary Thread

    Certainly remember his hatrick against us in the FL Cup at White Hart Lane in 1968. We lost 6-3, although we had led 1-0, and again at 2-1. Whenever he was put through the middle his pace meant that inevitably the ball ended up in rhe back of our net ! RIP Jimmy.
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    Exeter City v Sutton United Matchday Thread

    Comes across as a Del Bauy Adams apprentice ! :p
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    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    Why D'ya Do It ? Marianne Faithful.
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    Cricket 2021

    Kent score 167/7 from their 20 overs.
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    Championship 21/22

    12 points, but there are another 9 points "hanging over their heads" for other financial wrong doings that are under investigation !
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    Exeter City Versus Sutton United League 2 Discussion and Prediction Thread

    A slight difference of opinion here chaps ! #sortitouttisdalethorpe