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    Fans back in October

    Bridport fc who play in the toolstation western league, who are a level above the swpl, have announced friendlies for next month. Those will all be behind closed doors.
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    Little things that annoy you

    I know which one you mean, and yes it annoys me too.
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    The Alan Tonge Interview

    Very interesting interview and Alan is a top bloke. He was at city when I started watching them nearly 30 years ago.
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    The Steve Tully Interview

    Yes he did. I used to go regularly when he was in charge and they played at topsham fc, Chad gribble was his assistant back then. His wife Tamsin played for them at the time.
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    [Rerun]1989/90 and the Southend match. 8.30pm

    It was a shame the team didn't stay together long after that. The only ones left when I started supporting them in 91 were tom kelly and Danny Bailey. I think.
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    [Rerun]1989/90 and the Southend match. 8.30pm

    I just watched the whole game this morning. It was just before my time of supporting city sadly, but i can understand why Steve Neville was so highly thought of amongst city fans. What a player he was.
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    Season tickets 2020/21 (and refunds for 2019/20)

    I've just renewed mine. More than happy to help the club out at this time. (y)
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    Exeter vs Newcastle - U23s Premier League Cup (Thu 19 Mar)

    If they're staying tonight couldn't they play the game on the all weather pitch at the cat and fiddle?
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    Grecians 1 Chiefs 0

    They should've put out a statement before, not after the event. This has been handled very poorly by a so called professional rugby club. I've never stepped foot in Sandy park and I doubt I ever will either.
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    Walsall away - Sat 7th March

    Ticket bought. The only league 2 ground i've yet to visit despite going past it hundreds of times.
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    Plymouth game moved to Monday night - confirmed

    Stupid decision if true. That will rule out a lot of people going who have already bought tickets. Plus others who haven't will opt to stay at home and watch it. We won't sell out now.
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    Dino visser released

    He knew he was only on a short term deal and cover for maxted. I'm glad taylor stuck with maxted, he's been superb up until his injury
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    Macclesfield away - Saturday 15th February

    No idea why it took so long to call it off. One of the macclesfield players took a video and one of the corners was completely flooded.
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    You're The Gaffer: Painpot Special.

    They've been good enough to get us to this stage, then they'll be good enough for the final. Play them.