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    Scunthorpe United: Three League Two games postponed because of Covid-19 cases Obviously we wish them well. But having played them at the weekend lets hope it doesn't have ramifications for our club.
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    Clear out?

    Jeez...A bad performance? Yes. Time for root and branch reform across the playing and coaching side?. No!. It is right to take stock of where we are at the moment, but also take a bit of time over it. This has been a unique season with its enforced break and some players clearly had problems...
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    "Football gangs and far-right activists are heading to London to confront BLM demonstrators"

    I agree that this topic is on the wrong board. But statues to Rhodes & Colston should have been removed to the dusty extremities of museums decades ago. Lets get on with embracing the here and now. Exeter City has been represented by many player of different ethnicities over the years. I never...
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    11th May 1985.

    I remember it well. It was my 23rd birthday and City had just lost 1-0 at home to Tranmere in front of a sparse crowd. Half a dozen or so of us went back to the Clifton to have a few bevvies and play pool. One of our number had a radio and as the awful news filtered through we all felt bad. With...
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    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    No idea where I've been for most of the last couple of years.....other than the pub.
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    Bury fan in peace.

    Echo the thoughts of many. A sad day. RIP Bury, hopefully a new club will rise from the ashes. Only went to Bury once. The game was frozen off and to cap it all the car engine died on us. Had to stay a night there in deepest winter, waiting for a local garage to fix things the following day. On...
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    Club Statement: Zero tolerance on racist and discriminatory abuse

    jrg333. I disagree for a variety of reasons, but will restrict myself to pointing out that the comments were written on social media. We will have to wait and see whether the police take the matter further, and if so, whether the comments are deemed to breach the CPS guidelines on prosecuting...
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    Wot Boll!!!ks are we going to talk about now the seasons over Fred

    If you can stand the annoying pop-ups his brief connection is mentioned at:
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    What happens if we don't increases attendances after the new Grandstand opens?

    Also, please spare me the wise arse comments, concerning the capacity being roughly equivalent before our redevelopment. The fact is, that without it, we would have faced a catastrophic reduction in capacity, for who knows, how long.
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    What happens if we don't increases attendances after the new Grandstand opens?

    Mystified by the Op. We are talking about better facilities and increasing capacity. Yes, perhaps we will get a one or two match bounce from people wanting to see for themselves what the new Stand looks like, but that isn't the point. The point is that if we are successful on the Park we can...
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    New Away End Name

    How about The Second Hand Away Terrace. S.H.A.T. for short.
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    Exeter city app

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    Victoria Inn

    Anyone out there with a spare £15,000 (plus rent etc) feeling entrepreneurial?.
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    VAR - In our league: Yay or Nay?

    I take your point, but only to a certain extent. The bottom line is that most hand balls that I have seen in the penalty area in 50 odd years have been obvious. What we have in the World Cup Final is a referee who changed his mind on very dubious evidence. I cannot understand, given the rules...