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    Owura Edwards in on loan from Bristol City Well, thats a strange one!!
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    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Match Day Thread

    This is bizarre, I have got the home commentary on my desktop but away on tablet and mobile! and I am using the same log in details
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    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Match Day Thread

    This is 2 weeks running we have to listen to the away commentary - dreadful!! That is on ifollow by the way
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    Investment Proposal - Trust ballot

    I have already received my ballot paper and voted!! Bodes well for the future.
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    League 2 News

    If anyone suggests that ECFC would be better off with a "sugar-daddy" i will point them in the direction of this article plus Macclesfield, Bury, Swindon Russell and Lewis etc!
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    I need a little help Grecians!

    Done and the best of luck! UTC!
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    League 2 News

    Blimey - he really has got the 'ump!!
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    League 2 News

    And these are the reasons why Swindon are under the embargo - Regulation 16.2 - Failure to provide audited annual accounts Regulation 16.3 - Annual accounts not filed with Companies House Regulation 17 - Defaults in payments to HMRC Article 48 - Non-payment to Football Creditors Rule 10.1 of...
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    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    With all the talk on other threads about departures i am sure we can look forward to a great season from Mr Stubbs.
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    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    That sums up the situation perfectly but until decent compensation is made we will continuously gripe about this.
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    League 2 News

    Not strictly League Two but this news from Bury could mean no return to Gigg Lane for the Club or a phoenix one. Sad.
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    Betting firms and sponsorship

    Am I correct in thinking that we will not accept sponsorship deals from gambling firms - except those foisted upon us by the EFL and TV companies? Reason I ask is that FGR have proposed a ban of betting firms!
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    I voted yes, but I hope there is decent return on the investment and I am a bit cagey about one at £100k though!
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    Hiram Boateng - Yes or No?

    That is a NO from me; injury-prone and inconsistent. Mind you he would look good in the National League!
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    April 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/04 A Port Vale 2-2 D 05/04 H Mansfield 2-1 W 10/04 A Cambridge United 1-0 L 13/04 A Barrow 1-1 D 17/04 H Southend 3-0 W 20/04 A Forest Green Rovers 2-0 L 24/04 H Newport 1-1 D 27/04 H Grimsby 2-0 W 12 points but certainly need more!!