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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    Anyone able to do a welfare check on FBH?
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Would a marquee player be a statement of in tent?
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    Cricket 2021

    Sort it out Silverwoodthorpe.
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    Cricket 2021

    A certain M Taylor scores 145 not out for Alphington and Countess Wear in their win yesterday over Uplyme & Lyme Regis.
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Think we paid similar for Scott Daniels, Andy Cook, Ronnie Jepson and Mickey Ross as well.
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.
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    Dick Pym Honoured

    It’s a ‘coital suburb’ because it is expensive as f*ck.
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    League 2 News

    If he was the keeper when we won 4-1 up there he was unconvincing at best.
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    Ben Chrisene

    Gordon's Alive! In and around the penalty area...
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    Youtube channels that you watch and don't know why..............

    The World According to Briggs - guides to the good points or not of different states/cities in the US.
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Makes you wonder why Salford are releasing him? They have at least the money we do and he's a local lad.
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    Former Players

    Sean Goss released by Shrewsbury.
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    The Swindon job is also available, though they are apparently talking to Robbie Fowler, who is the chalkiest of chalks in comparison to our former Cheesiest of Cheeses.
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    Well done Grecian-on-Tyne, a deserved win. To be honest, apart from a couple of big wins I lost pretty much every week. And of course thanks to the Bookie, much appreciated.
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    It just feels very 'samey'. We keep going to bits at the end of this season when any reasonable run of form would have seen us comfortably in the play offs/autos. This season we got 17 points from the last 14 games and dropped from from the Christmas 'I still think we can stay in the autos if...