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    Furlough Payments

    I think I saw that Forest Green are... Actually that may be just staff though rather than players.
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    Julian Tagg was just on BBC 5 Live. Spoke well but obviously with sadness.
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    What's the most Grecians have taken away ?

    Full-time lurker but only occasional poster here... Just to say that I'm pretty sure we took more to Leicester in the 81 cup run than to Newcastle because even though it was the earlier round, it's closer. (Literally don't think my feet touched the ground for the whole game as we were so rammed...
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    Swindon v ECFC

    Pretty sure we took around 2k to Yeovil in 2010 as it was the first league game we played there....?
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    Favourite time Exeter smashed another team

    Went to Gillingham away (1979ish?) when we won 5-1. But yes very rare occurrence!
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    Exeter City on this day

    Was he only 19 then? Wow, he dominated midfield that day. Very hard tackling player in a way that he wouldn't get away with nowadays!
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    Exeter City on this day

    Hi. That same match was my first away game out of Devon too. It was our first big league away day after promotion to the old Div 3 (L1). It was a bit of a baptism for us 15/16 year olds - a 4-0 drubbing and running to the coaches at the end I seem to recall.
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    Red Legion - Liverpool Display

    Well done guys good effort.
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    ECFC - action from the archives

    Great nostalgia - if a bit chilling to remember! Used to have to dodge the slates and stones coming up over the back of the Barn Park end! Mr Oldsmobile is spot on in recollections. I was there Boxing Day 77 and it was a few seasons before we went down there in decent numbers. There'd been a...
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    Great Western Grecians November Meeting

    Yes was good fun and the Cornubia pub - though an old Bristol institution - will make a good new venue for GWGs meets. Certainly looks like they might get some good Exeter and Devon beers guesting in the future!
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    how true is this!

    Thought it was headbutt rather than thump. He was lucky to get away with it ... ECFC didn't press charges IIRC. But then Elam was no saint!
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    Pace, power and athleticism !

    "I’ve always been a direct player with pace and power, and I’m looking to bring that to Exeter." - Alex Nicholls Well, you can but hope...
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    Tupi FC v Exeter City Official Match Day thread

    Google translated so bit rough... Who is miss seeing the Tupi in action in Juiz de Fora and not wait reform Lawn Municipal Stadium will be ready a great opportunity today. Plus, you can watch closely to a friendly international soccer, something rare in the over one hundred year history of...
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    Plymouth Argyle vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.

    Awesome! Well done the 800 loyals and enjoy the bragging rights you deserve it! But safe home from that sh*t hole boys...
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    Is this the end for our Green chums ?

    Ever had that sinking feeling? ;) Probably ought to stop gloating really.... well soonish... maybe.