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    Big Bank Bar

    Got any pics? ;)
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    Saturday 28th January

    Playoffs here we come ;)
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    U18 tickets for Orient game - MUCH cheaper in advance

    Thats London for you ;)
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    Exeter City v Tranmere Rovers Prediction Thread

    4-0 city....troy x4......4,278.....3 balls lost to the railway ;)
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    Poppy Shirt Ebay Auction now under way.....

    update ;) James Dunne £106.00 Liam Sercombe £102.00 David Noble £122.00 Scott Golbourne £100.00 Richard Duffy £102.00 Matt Oakley £98.78 Danny Coles £102.00 Troy A H £225.00 Jake Taylor £100.07 Artur Krysiak £95.00 Steve Tully £120.00 Richard Logan £103.00 Daniel...
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    Could we win £100k to improve our away end loos?

    cant see us winning this ;)
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    Are we any worse than last season?

    We don't have that spark :(
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    In tis we trust

    tsurt ew sit ni ;)
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    Is it now time to get some width on the pitch and two up front instead of this 4-3-1-2 or 3-5-1-1? ;)
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    Enough is enough.

    Toenails? ;)
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    In fairness to Artur....

    First goal.....Tully didn't attempt to stop the cross.....keeper maybe could have come out and punched....golbourne was way out of position at the back post....both Coles and Troy were flat footed. ;)
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    In fairness to Artur....

    If in doubt smack it out! BASICS!!! ;)
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    The Official Exeter City v Swindon Town JPT Round 2 Matchday thread

    Nicholls is not league 1 standard.....nardiello blows hot and cold. Once again no killer wingers and no striker who can get in and around the box and course a state ;)
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    In fairness to Artur....

    Some of these decisions made by Tisdale over the last week are keeping some fans away. I hope he starts making some better ones in the next few weeks else Exeter will turn into a rugby city with a joke of a football team ;)
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    Jamie Cureton

    Orient seem to have paid his contract and hes gone ;)