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    Former Players

    Sorry if I have missed this being posted elsewhere but here is a nice write up about James Coppinger
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager

    I've posted my views lots of times previously on Tisdale so won't bore people with too long a post again but while I don't disagree with you on this Elgy, things would have been very different us for and Tisdale if Matt Grimes had not come along and been sold when he was. What would have...
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    Agree completely. Wing backs probably would be the best way to fit in Ajose but leaves us only picking 2 from about 5 very good wide players (whether full backs or wingers). I think I remember that Taylor actually tried Randall at wing back in an EFL Trophy game at some point but that clearly...
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    Your question is of course the prescient point. Like others I was excited by the arrival of Ajose but anybody at the games could see what was basically a 4-4-2 formation with him and Bowman upfront together didn't really seem to work. Then he lost his place and got injured and in the meantime...
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    One to Choose (Sub Politics Thread USA Edition)

    Exactly. Biden, and more importantly the people around him, will not make things easy for the Prime Minister. Doesn't mean there isn't a deal to be done but laughable to believe Johnson will find Biden's administration easier than Trump's.
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    Which player has most successfully proved City wrong in releasing them?

    Cameron Hargreaves is an interesting one. Presumably a victim of lots of good players in his position. We chose to give contracts to one Archie Collins and to Max Smallcombe (who at the time I think had played for Wales U17s and made a first team appearance). Was his did at Rovers by then?
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    Politics Today

    This is exactly how I feel too. Going around in circles aimlessly over some weird idea of being "right" about something we can't measure. By 2024 Brexit might well have been fully exposed for the disaster I think it is, it might have proven the Farage fans right to be the best thing that's...
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    Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers - 12th Jan 2021 - Team Selection

    Agree completely about Atangana. Amusing reading everyone slating McArdle but that second goal was all about Atangana. Firstly losing the ball and then watch how lazy he was as the Weds defender runs through. Atangana literally stops running on the edge of the area when, if he had continued, he...
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    Politics Today

    Nobody knows what the electorate will think of Brexit or the Tories in 2-3 years. Nobody will care what Keir Starmer does or doesn't say in 2020/21 if there is not an election until 2024. It is obvious politics given the last 3.5 years and COVID that you don't waste your energy on "Rejoin" right...
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    Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers - 12th Jan 2021 - Team Selection

    I haven't seen Matt Taylor's post match comments - what did he say about Bowman? I'm not sure I would change the team much from Saturday. I'd like to see Law start but would probably be harsh to drop Jay and wouldn't want to disturb Randall from the left hand side. I think if you pick...
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    Exeter City v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup 3rd round proper matchday thread

    The comments on here are hilarious. We have scored 40 goals in 19 games. Our attacking play is not a problem but we concede too many soft goals. If we had a solid defence and a team that averaged over 2 goals a game we would win the league with 100 points. It is hardly a big surprise we don't...
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    Politics Today

    I don't entirely disagree with your analysis arthur (plenty of wastage and over obsession with qualifications for the sake of it) but I'm not sure I agree with the comment on deterioration of livelihoods. The rich got much richer for sure (that Mandelson quote has probably haunted them a bit)...
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    Politics Today

    Also, like him or loathe him, Blair's politics was largely one of compromise in my opinion. Something very sadly missing from today's politics which seems to rely on, and thrive on, division brought about by lies delivered by the morally vacuous.
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    Politics Today

    Blair's vision was that of the Knowledge Economy in a globalised context which sought to bring talent to the UK from across the world. He certainly didn't push the country back towards traditional industrialisation and you could certainly debate the consequences given Brexit but I'm not sure...
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    City v Sheff Wed build up

    nice write up about us here ->