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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    It might well get us out of league 2 I fear
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    VAR Yay or Nay ?

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    Life’s simple pleasures

    Going out with a muzzle, jab passport, track 'n' trace app, covid test and ordering a drink at the bar....
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    Next season on the road.

    Indeed and with no masks, distancing, jab passports, negative test results, photo ID or track and trace app....
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    Player of the season 2020/21

    Matt Jay must be a shoe in...
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    Late April/May 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    The wheels have come off big time as we somehow cling onto 8th.. City scores first 24/4 H Newport 0-0 27/4 H Grimsby 1-1 01/5 A Bolton 0-2 08/5 H Barrow 2-1 5 points another season in L2
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    April 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    That's a lotta games ! City scores 1st 02/04 A Port Vale 2-1 05/04 H Mansfield 2-0 10/04 A Cambridge United 0-2 13/04 A Barrow 1-1 17/04 H Southend 3-1 20/04 A Forest Green Rovers 1-1 24/04 H Newport 1-1 27/04 H Grimsby 3-1 A whopping 15 points and only one loss
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    Ollie Watkins

    Pleased for Ollie last night a proud moment - so is it 150k per each appearence or it that it?
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    Exeter v Orient discussion thread

    We really need 3 points - starting to slip behind the leading pack now....
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    March 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    City scores first 02/3 H Walsall - 2-1 06/3 H Leyton Orient - 2-0 09/3 A Scunthorpe 1-0 13/3 H Cheltenham 1-1 20/3 A Tranmere 0-2 23/3 A Oldham 1-1 27/3 H Salford 1-1 12 points and hanging on in there
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    Colchester United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I normally go to Colchester with fear and trepidation but we really need to win this one..
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Ooops that wasn't too clever!
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    GB News.

    Hopefully we get some truth - unlike other media broadcasters (personally haven't turned the news on once in over 4 months)
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    TV Times

    Channel 4 to cover India vs England series including tests, ODI'2 + T20's
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    February 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    The way we are performing recently I was quite optimistic with 9 points !