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    Dean Moxey

    I dont make him wrong on that. Easy to apologise afterwards, but he's supposed to be an experienced leader on the pitch. Instead he makes a decision out of pure desperation and the team pays the penalty. People might not like Taylor for telling it like it is, but theres nothing personal about...
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    Wigan Athletic go into administration

    EFL and the FA generally are damned useless. They display the worst laissez faire approach to the organisation and running of the sport, only weighing in as an authority on obvious decisions and topics which directly benefit themselves. As long as they line their own pockets and grow their own...
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    Winter Watch

    If being debt free and stable without needing cash injections is failure, what the hell is argyle? The poo is going to hit the fan after you blow through the last of your sugar daddy money.
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    Ben Seymour

    The comparison to MJ isn't necessarily good. MJ needs to kick on a lot more before people will say he's a success. It's not a given that either will get much game time next season based on their performances this year. Both have potential but need to start stepping up.
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    New backroom staff

    How do you even train goalkeepers other than kicking balls at them? I think you could get a machine to do that?
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    Clear out?

    Well MT is at least being decisive and ringing the changes. Should send a message to the remaining squad that if we arent delivering results, they wont keep their places.
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    Who are the 8 players out of contract?

    Holmes was so good for us over the years. On his day he was a huge game changer.
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    Clear out?

    Unless youre really set up for playing hoofball, it's completely pointless. If we want to play like that we shouldnt have players like Law, Williams, Jay, Collins, Atangana etc. We should just have a team of massive lads capable of winning every single knock down and one decent striker to...
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    Know Your Place.

    Will do old bean, looking forward to next season when we go up and you go down. :)
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    Clear out?

    I think A. Martin has generally been better this season, but still would like to see a lot more from him. Maybe alongside a better CB he would look better.... Assuming we are selling Williams this is where we stand in my view today: ----------------------Maxted/Ward------------------ RB ---...
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    Evening excretions

    Funny how they are only brave enough to show their ugly mugs on here after a game like that. Where were all you inbreds after we destroyed you this season?
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    Clear out?

    This is my biggest concern. The amount of money we have wasted on players like Ajose for ZERO return is eye watering. We do not have the luxury to pay for expensive bench warmers at our club. Get rid of dross like them and review our hiring strategy.
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    Clear out?

    We've got that already apparently.
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    Clear out?

    If he touched the ball 3 times I must have missed 2 of those occurrences. I've felt bigger impacts from Ajose when he sits down on the bench.
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    Clear out?

    I'm probably feeling a bit emotional about our performance after seeing that display, but I genuinely think there are some people who are getting too comfortable with their places in the squad. The lack of passion, effort and quality today was incredibly disappointing. Zero shots on target all...