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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    I really dislike those disrespectful posts that say ‘ I would drive him there myself’ but if we were offered 165k for someone one who came on a free transfer, has not done much yet and is presumably on ( for us) big wages then....
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    Play-off final revenue

    very good that the Premier League have stumped up 200k. some context though. The 200k is somewhat less than what one Premiership player ( Aubameyang) wants for a week’s wages ( he wants 250k per week for three years to sign again for Arsenal).
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    Former Players

    It certainly brought back memories. Every goal kick directed out to Wheeler on the right touch line, who would win the header against the opposition full back.
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    Dean Moxey

    yes, IIRC Deano shot from the right from 20+yards aiming for just inside the far post. There was no real gap for it to go in. Six inches further out and it misses. Six inches further in and the diving keeper gets a hand to it. Instead it strikes the inside of the post, bounces out to what would...
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    Teams we've not played.

    Indeed . Though we haven’t beaten WBA in the league we have beaten them twice at the Hawthorns. That game and the Autoglass win in 1992 . And I was at both ( though admittedly by 92 it was the closest league ground to my home)
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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    just looked this up. Ethan was two months short of 17 when signing for Chelsea on 1 July 2017. Last summer Jay was four months short of 17 in July. Ben Chrisene is just short of sixteen and a half. i think that makes you right and that , if he followed the Ampadu/ Stansfield model, he would be...
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    Dean Moxey

    As I just wrote on another thread, MT mentioned Deano apologising for the sending off and then added, gratuitously ‘words are cheap,it’s actions that count’ . I wouldn’t be surprised if some found that unnecessary and offensive in the circumstances.
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    Matt Taylor is still King

    Matt knows that what he says about the players applies to him too. ‘Players have to look at themselves’. So do managers; it’s no good saying ‘I played the most physical side I could’ without examining whether that was the right way to go. And saying that ‘words are cheap,it’s actions that count’...
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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    nothing official, but I think somebody said on here that he is staying for now and probably leaving - like Ethan Ampadu and Jay Stansfield- as he turns 17. That would mean we wouldn’t be tied to the EPPP formula ( about 60k plus add ons) but would get stuffed by a tribunal valuation instead...
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    L2 Retained Lists

    And as we pass them into league one. It would be quite nice if we didn’t play them for a while, so that our most recent result against them was 4-0!
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    Craig Woodman

    and not just for his non celebration. I remember one celebration of a really vital goal where the scorer was mobbed by nine outfield players. No prizes for guessing who was the tenth, not joining in... and he started to get the credit he deserved with Tis comment about ‘playing like...
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    Budget 2020-21

    I think the OP completely misreads the position and MT’s comment about the budget being ‘frozen’ . What MT was told was that he couldn’t make any new commitments to anyone. There is no way we would be able to afford last year’s budget. Remember we were budgeted to lose 600 k last season. At...
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    2019/20 Retained List.

    That’s right, but the preliminary budget will have been based on guesswork as to when fans will be allowed into grounds.And MT said the figure hadn’t been finalised. ECFC, like many clubs, face a fight for survival.
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    Who are the 8 players out of contract?

    Holmes , Holmes will tear you apart again!
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    Ollie Watkins

    this is the specialist thread for Ollie Watkins rather than the generic ‘former players’ thread. Setback for his automatic promotion to the Prem hopes last night credit to Bondy for a perceptive OP six years ago. And in post 2 there is a great team goal from the youth team of 2013, with the...