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    Matt Jay

    is the right answer...
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    it wouldn't have taken much extra for Joel to have got a hat trick today. MJ's second should have been put in first by Joel, and if he hadn't been brought down for the penalty...and had a couple of other opportunities. Very early on it was clear that the opposing right back had no pace compared...
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    I liked the commentator overall but (as Harris pointed out) he says 'far hand side' (three times today). But a new one today was:- 'bottom hand corner'
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    that's the problem when a service that City fans pay for (ifollow) uses Radio Devon commentary. Pleasingly the commentator was apologetic about all this lengthy stuff about frequencies that you could later listen to Argyle or the rugby - when there were key moments in City's game going on!
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    IIRC Harry Kane's first club was Spurs but he went on loan to Orient for his debut
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    Who’s signing new deals & who’s out of contract? - Summer 2021

    down to two and a quarter years now...
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    Former Players

    Ollie-v- Ethan tonight in the Premiership, live on tv. Another proud moment for the academy.
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    Exeter City Vs Walsall Matchday Thread

    Lots of football still to be played. The four sides quoted as pushing for promotion from league two are in the play off places. The auto spots have Cheltenham and Forest Green. (Newport are just out of the play offs). To replace them? -In League One the bottom two clubs are Wigan and Rochdale...
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    Academy Graduates - Professional Contracts

    its a bit if a theme is the BBC's take...
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    Youth 2020/21

    and a report of an under 17s outing
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    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    December seems like a long time ago now...
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    Welcome Tom Parkes

    according to the pundits on Quest (including one Clinton Morrison) the red card v Crawley should only have been a yellow , or at worst an orange(!) I think they also said its the ninth sending off of his career. Is that right?
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    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    back to top... its now March..we have an injury/suspension crisis at centre back...
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    Former Players

    Soccer Saturday yesterday. The goal Posh (and Christy) conceded went straight in from a corner. Michelle Owen reporting. 'I don't think he (the scorer) meant that. Though perhaps he did try his luck as Christy Pym is short of a few inches in height' Jeff Stelling. 'That's a bit heightist'...
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    Former Players

    Tom Nichols scores a penalty and creates the second as Crawley win the League Two early kick off 2-0 :mad: