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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Or Kevin Nicholson who is already head of coaching at the club and got some experience already, albeit in a lower division! Could see him working well with the current back room of Carlisle, Green and Scott Brown.
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    Youth 21/22

    The main reason their u18s done so well this season is that they kept all the 2nd year scholars playing u18s! We sent pretty much all of ours out to get mens game time! Whenever we've played an 'important' cup game etc against them and we have our strongest team out, we normally beat them!
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    Under 18s

    Quite surprised that they've released pretty much all their 2nd years. Oscar Massey especially was on par with Ben Chrisene and got called up to a couple of u15/16 England camps and Rhys Shirley was on a few premier teams radars.
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    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Pretty sure you'll find he's already on £10k a week, he signed his current deal when they were in the Championship and still got 2 years to run on it!
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    Youth 21/22

    Mecca has been full time in the academy for years!
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    Alfie Pond

    Alfie is a great prospect, he was brilliant in the final U23s Wolves game (which definitely wasn't a weakened team, they were all regular PL2 players/internationals). Be good to see him in and around the first team in the next couple of seasons.
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    Harry Lee

    Going out to that league didn't do Cheick any harm, be good experience for the lad 👍
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    Exeter City v Harrogate Matchday Thread

    As much as MT was booed for taking Chieck off, I admit putting Coley on and changing the shape has helped.
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    Dawson and Lee

    Think you need a new source 🤷‍♀️ Dawsons performance tonight is why the SW fans want him out!
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    Dawson and Lee

    From what I've heard we have and were turned down! Going to an England Camp wouldn't have done him any harm either.
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    Dawson and Lee

    I'd be very surprised if we could afford Dawson, he's still got a couple of years left on his contract at SW and is on 10k a week!! Lee's only just turned 17 and went to an England camp in December so we'd be mad to let him go!
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    A view from a neutral - Bradford game

    Interesting that as a Wednesday fan you didn't give an opinion on Cam?
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    Youth 21/22

    They were the better team today, however they had all of their 2nd year scholars starting today, whilst we had 1! Looks like they haven't sent any out on loan. Put Pond, Cox, Collins, Lilley and Hanson back in our squad and its a different game!
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    Youth 21/22

    Exeter City (@OfficialECFC) Tweeted: 📝 U18 Match Report: @FGRFC_Official 1️⃣ City 2️⃣ @Dezza_10 reports as City under-18s go level at the top of the table ⬇️ #ECFC #OneGrecianGoal
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    Sonny Cox - out on loan

    Think this will be a great move for Cox, can't remember a season that we've had 2 first year scholars out on loan? Lee was still 16 on his first stint at Dorchester which for a gk is pretty rare! Glad the club is looking at getting them both mens football so early!