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    Favourite City flop

    Any one remember the lad we signed from Argyle, Jon Ashton he was suppose to be a right back, Bloody awful!
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    Favourite City flop

    Hat-trick, & the Head butt, His city career summed up.
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    Favourite City flop

    lee zabek, your right he was crap! saw him score against us at Brizzle as well.
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    Sam Gallagher

    8 miles away & we missed him, what a shame. Got to be asked, where are our scouts?! Argyle grab him from 50 odd miles. Anyhow the lad saw the light & left them, wonder if they got any compo for him?
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    Sam Gallagher

    Did we let this lad slip through the net, or was he ever on our books?. Local to our area how did we miss him.
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    Former Players

    Bauza has signed for ...
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    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    Skin up pin up - Mansun
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    99p shop

    It does show the state of the economy 99p shop has replaced Habitat.
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    99p shop

    Just opened in Exeter, that's poundland buggered!
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    Exeweb Fifa 12 League

    Sorry guys just saw the other thread I've got a PS3, which rules me out.
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    Exeweb Fifa 12 League

    I'm up for it - Orzabal81
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    Mario Balotelli

    Anyone know of any good streams for the Manc derby?
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    seabornes off to southampton

    Eagles target Seaborne,,11700_7111298,00.html
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    Liverpool Tickets - anyone through?

    Who's going to be the first?