Exeter City Purchase Training Ground

Exeter City have announced that they have purchased the training ground that they use on Sidmouth Road near Exeter. Now known as the Cliff Hill Training Ground it used to be known as the Cat & Fiddle Training Ground. The Club have been at the ground since 1974.

The Club had held the lease since 2003 when it was purchased by Clifford Hill and leased to the Club on a peppercorn rent. The Supporters Trust loaned the Club £100,000 to complete the purchase and the training ground ownership will transfer to the Trust in due course.

The training ground underwent redevelopment last year and was officially opened in July. Details can be found here.

Nick Hawker, chair of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust, said:

This is a significant and important step for Exeter City Football Club, securing the training ground for the long term. This season has seen the club make huge strides in relation to its structure and staffing and to end the season with the news that the Supporters’ Trust is making this purchase possible is something to celebrate.

We have known for a short while the potential of the land becoming available but, on advice, have maintained confidentiality around it due to the potential for other interested parties becoming involved. We believe this is a major step forward for the Club and Trust.

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