St James Park Pitch Renovations Week 4

Week 4 of the renovation work at St James Park has been concluded and we have the green shoots of a new pitch!

At the start of the week we got some greenery


Charlie Woolnough (Chaz) talks about the upgrades to the pitches out at the Cliff Hill training centre, so they are better able to deal with wet winters.

The biggest project at the training ground has been pitch one, which is used by the first team for practice matches and shooting drills. Like the surface at St James Park, sand bands have been used, which allows for better drainage when the weather is at its worst.

On pitch one, which was done a couple of weeks ago, you can see the sand lines which are much more prevalent and they go down six inches. About 100 tonnes of sand went into this pitch.

Like at the stadium, it’s all about keeping the surface open and keeping the water going through it into the drains below. The pitch has been overseeded and I’ll be cutting it next week, so it should start to look a lot greener.

The full interview here:-

A look at the renovation works in 3 minutes

So, just to confirm that it’s all going well, we have this morning aerial view of a pitch being to green up

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