Exeter’s Supporters Trust Statement on the Departure of Paul Tisdale

With the Club confirming the departure of Paul Tisdale this morning, the Trust have also issued a statement.

The change has come about following a request from the Trust Board to the Club Board to review the contract for Paul Tisdale. Firstly though, it’s worth re-iterating what the AGM motion back in November 2016 actually said:-

We request that, within a period of four weeks from the date of this Annual General Meeting, the board of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust direct the board of Exeter City Football Club to:

1) Clarify whether the employment contract between Mr Paul Tisdale, football manager, and Exeter City Football Club incorporates a clause that sets out the details relating to any termination of said contract and, specifically, the term of notice required to be given in such circumstances.

2) Should such a clause be proven to exist, the Board of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust shall immediately instruct the board of Exeter City Football Club that notice be served on Mr. Paul Tisdale, in line with the appropriate and relevant terms of the contract, with the purpose of securing an alternative contract that will best protect the financial interests and security of the football club and be acceptable to both parties jointly and individually.

That motion was passed at the AGM.

In September Julian Tagg reported to the BBC that negotiations with Paul Tisdale were going well. The BBC report him as saying:-

There’s a lot of work going on and we’re getting close to hopefully settling the whole business in getting back to a consistent position, so that Paul, the players and the club can continue on.

Clearly a lot has happened in the last 8 months that have stalled the contract discussions. So today we get the Trust issuing this statement:-

The Trust Board understand that this past week has been very unsettling for our members, the wider supporter’s network of Exeter City Football Club, the players, management team and of course, the staff and Club Board who all play their part in our success.

We must report that Paul Tisdale, our first team manager for the past twelve years and our most successful manager to date, has not signed the contract offered to him by the date and time prescribed by the Club Board. It is with considerable sadness then that we must report that Paul will be leaving the Club.

Two promotions, four visits to Wembley in play-off finals, and any number of memorable games, speak for themselves. We would like to go on record in thanking Paul Tisdale for his contribution toward this remarkable period of success. We sincerely hope that you will all join with us in wishing Paul the greatest success for the future.

The Club are hoping to appoint a new manager within the next two weeks.

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