Police Advise Fans to be Early for Cup Tie

Devon and Cornwall Police have issued the following press release:

Devon and Cornwall Police will continue to work closely in partnership, supporting Exeter City Football club when they host Liverpool FC in the FA Cup this Friday evening, 8th January.

Police will be there to support the staff at the club in ensuring this is an enjoyable family event, providing support to the public wherever needed.hants_police_feat

The club are advising fans to arrive early, with gates opening at 6.30pm.

With a sell out crowd all away coaches will be met and escorted by Police. Any fans travelling on coaches are urged to leave the ground swiftly following the match in order to keep any traffic disruption to a minimum.

Police sergeant Vicky Howell from the Force’s Football Unit commented:

It is a great community event for the City of Exeter and Exeter Football Club to host such a game. Furthermore it is an opportunity to work in partnership with the club to ensure all fans enjoy the match. The police will have resources on duty to assist with the night time economy and deal with any anti-social behaviour should it occur.

It is a family event bringing communities together and we will be there to support the public and facilitate a safe and enjoyable event.

Julian Tagg, Chairman of Exeter City Football club said:

Every week at Exeter City FC fans mix freely and enjoy the friendly rivalry that makes football and especially the FA Cup the exciting spectacle that captivates so many. Liverpool fans are renowned for their fervent but always sportsmanlike support and will be welcomed not only by a progressive highly professional football unit but also by a city well versed as generous hosts.

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