Alex Nicholls Loan Extended

Exeter City have confirmed that Cobblers’ player Alex Nicholls can stay a Grecian for a further month. The terms of the loan, an emergency loan, means that he can be recalled with 24 hours notice. Whether high-flying Northampton Town would want to, they’ve scored 11 goals in 3 games, is of course another matter.

Nicholls has come to St James Park as part of his recuperation from a long-term injury. He’s played 4 games so far for Exeter, scoring the once against Cambridge United. He’s been building an understanding with Graham Cummins, who said in an interview for about his own Tranmere goal:-

For that Cambridge goal, Alex and I had spoken the day before about the movements to make when he gets the ball, and that’s why I went over to him after the goal and said “There you go!”

Paul Tisdale is clearly delighted that he is staying, In an interview he said:

But of course what will now happen will that he will now be on a 24-hour recall.  Whereas for the first month he was ours for that five-match period, now he is always one phone-call away from going back.

So we’re not quite secure with his availability as we have been but hopefully we’ll get through Saturday and he’ll be available for us next week at Dagenham as well.  The horizon changes slightly now we know he can go back, and we just hope he can stay with us for as long as possible.

He has complemented the squad and the way we play, he has fitted in very well, he is liked very much, he has played very well – it’s a shame he’s not ours!

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