Following pressure from and dropping attendances the Club have issued a statement that they will now look at ticket prices. No immediate action is being taken though,  the Club saying it needs to follow a “process of due diligence and consultation“.

The statement by the Club in full:-

Exeter City Football Club can confirm that ticket pricing is an issue that will be actively revisited during the coming weeks.

As a supporter-owned football club, it is vitally important that Exeter City has many supporters through the gate as possible for each fixture at St James Park.  Large attendances generate income for the club which contributes to the playing budget, and has a positive influence on the fledgling Exeter City team.  Small attendances, by consequence, have the inverse effect.

The gate numbers are currently falling below the budgeted predictions laid out by the Club’s Gates Committee, and the Club acknowledges that whilst existing supporters commitments must be fully considered changes may need to be made to address this.

Decisions will not be taken immediately, but will follow a necessary process of due diligence and consultation.  Any decisions taken will be in consultation with the Trust in the interests of the long-term health of the Club.

As always, the Club wishes to reiterate our thanks to all of our supporters for their invaluable and ongoing contribution to Exeter City Football Club.

This is what Ollie had to say on ticket prices last week,, and there is a discussion thread in Exeweb forums at

By Hants

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