A disappointing performance by Exeter City on Saturday meant a straight-forward 3-0 win for Plymouth Argyle. 11,418 were in Home Park with 943 Exeter fans and several hundred Devon and Cornwall police. Olli’s match report can be found here.

After the match both managers were interviewed by their respective club website.

Exeter’s manager Paul Tisdale is quoted as saying:-

They played their game and we didn’t play our game. They deserved their goals and their win.

They were a strong, physical side, and they played their trump card and we didn’t play ours.

We know what we are, what our skill set is, what we’re capable of and what we practice and therefore I’m disappointed that we didn’t do the things that we practice.

You can’t just move on and toss it away as if it’s not important. I have to make sure we talk about the things we could have done better again, and the things that we practice, but then we have to go to Burton with renewed optimism and compete again.

The big picture is that we’ve got a game on Tuesday [away to Burton] and we’ve got to move on, so it’s not the time to dwell too long, but we’re disappointed none the less.


Clearly John Sheridan enjoyed Argyle win. He said:-

I am really pleased. In the first half, we were tremendous. Our first-half performance has won us the game, and it should have been all over by half-time.

I thought we opened them up at times. Exeter are a good footballing side – if you let them dictate the way they want to play, they slow the game down – so I told the players that we need to play at a high tempo, and get in their faces.

Once we did get hold of the ball, we did move it well and create some really good chances.

It was an outstanding performance. Everyone knew what their job was, and they created a lot of opportunities with their work ethic. Some of the football they played at times was tremendous.

As a team we were really good, especially in the first half. Everyone knew what they had to do – it was a team effort.

I thought we could go on and win 4-0 or 5-0 – I really did – if we kept the same the tempo and kept doing the things we were doing.

It was a big game for the supporters, so this one is for them, and it is pleasing that we came out well on top.


By Hants

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