Exeter City’s Transfer Embargo Lifted

The Club have issued a short statement in relation to the repayment of the PFA loan which also means the transfer embargo has been lifted. The statement reads:-

Exeter City are very pleased to report that the transfer embargo has been lifted following the repayment of the short-term loan to the PFA.

This means that the club is now able to register new players to the Exeter City team once again.

Vice-chairman Julian Tagg said:-

We’re pleased to report that the funds have been put in place and that both the PFA and Football League have confirmed that the embargo can now be lifted.

It won’t mean an influx of players to St James Park but it will mean the manager will be able to do a little bit of business.

It has been achieved and everyone at the club is delighted, and now we need to move on.

We await news on the signing of Graham Cummins (part 1931 funded) and Christian Ribeiro. There may also be at least one loan signing on the way. Whether any of them are eligible for the Devon Derby, we will have to wait and see.

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