Danny Coles Reprimanded for Social Media Use – Again

Danny Coles is in the news again, as his third misuse of social media has caused problems. Although he has deleted his Twitter account, other social media sites are not as private as individuals think they are! The former Exeter City captain has already been stripped of his captaincy for abusing young City fans, this time is the use of bad language with team mates which is understood that he thought were private.

The squad, including Danny Coles are currently in Brazil, playing 3 friendly matches.

The text of the statement is as follows:-

Exeter City Football Club were made aware of the use of unacceptable language on social media by Danny Coles on Tuesday this week.

Although this was in the context of what he believed to be private banter with his teammates and he was unaware it would be visible to all, the Club has once again reminded Danny Coles of his obligations to the club and the wider football community and the importance of using appropriate language on social media at all times.

The Club would like to apologise to anyone offended by Danny Coles’ language and the matter will be discussed further on the team’s return from Brazil.