FA Cup 2014/15: Early Rounds Drawn

The FA have made the draws for the first three rounds or the FA Cup: the extra-preliminary round; preliminary round; and the first qualifying round.

Some interesting games for Devon clubs, and a number of Devon derbies, in the extra preliminary round then tie 184 between Parkway and Buckland will no doubt be a classic between to teams that have a good FA pedigree in recent years. FACup_final2014_programme

177 Barnstaple Town v Witheridge
180 Willand Rovers v Radstock Town
184 Plymouth Parkway v Buckland Athletic

The full draw can be found in this pdf http://www.exeweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/FA_Cup_Extra_prelim.pdf

There are a few Devon ties that potentially have some interest in the preliminary round, depending on results from the extra-preliminary round, but tie 156 will be an all Devon affair irrespective of previous results. The full draw for this round can be found in this pdf http://www.exeweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/FA_Cup_prelim.pdf

155 Hengrove Athletic or Bodmin Town v Barnstaple Town or Witheridge
156 Tiverton Town v Plymouth Parkway or Buckland Athletic
157 Torpoint Athletic or Odd Down v Willand Rovers or Radstock Town
159 Shepton Mallet or Ilfracombe Town v Saltash United or Welton Rovers

It looks a bit messy when you try to decipher all the ‘or’ list for the 1st qualifying round, with Bideford joining in for this round, then tie 113 will be the main interest. The full draw for the first qualifying round of this year’s FA Cup can be found in this pdf http://www.exeweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/FA_Cup_1st_quali.pdf

113 Tiverton Town or Plymouth Parkway v Bideford
or Buckland Athletic
116 Torpoint Athletic or Odd Down v Shepton Mallet or Ilfracombe Town or Saltash United
or Willand Rovers or Radstock Town or Welton Rovers


Dates that each round ties will take place:-

Extra Preliminary Round Saturday 16 August 2014
Preliminary Round Saturday 30 August 2014
First Round Qualifying Saturday 13 September 2014
Second Round Qualifying Saturday 27 September 2014
Third Round Qualifying Saturday 11 October 2014
Fourth Round Qualifying Saturday 25 October 2014
First Round Proper Saturday 8 November 2014
Second Round Proper Saturday 6 December 2014
Third Round Proper Saturday 3 January 2015
Fourth Round Proper Saturday 24 January 2015
Fifth Round Proper Saturday 14 February 2015
Sixth Round Proper Saturday 7 March 2015
Semi Final Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 April 2015
Final Saturday 30 May 2015


Prize Money for the winners

Extra Preliminary Round winners (184 entries) £1,500
Preliminary Round winners (160) £1,925
First Round Qualifying winners (116) £3,000
Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £4,500
Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £7,500
Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £12,500
First Round Proper winners (40) £18,000
Second Round Proper winners (20) £27,000
Third Round Proper winners (32) £67,500
Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £90,000
Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £180,000
Sixth Round Proper winners (4) £360,000
Semi Final losers (2) £450,000
Semi Final winners (2) £900,000
Final runners-up (1) £900,000
Final winners (1) £1,800,000