Hereford Expelled from the Football Conference

In a simple statement, Hereford United confirmed on Twitter that they have been expelled from the Football Conference.

Hereford United FC has been expelled from the Football Conference.

At the Football Conference AGM this weekend they were set specific requirements relating to finances (along with Salisbury City) with funds cleared by yesterday (Monday). In the case of Hereford United Hereford_edgar_street_feat this did not happen.

The full statement reads:-

The Football Conference Ltd has issued the following statement concerning the membership of Hereford United (1939) Ltd, (Company Number 355272).

The Club has confirmed it will not meet the requirements, to which it previously agreed, set by the Board of the Football Conference Ltd on Friday 6 June enabling the Club to retain its membership. As the Club was advised at the above meeting, the Board has exercised its unanimous decision that should the Club fail to fulfil the requirements it would be expelled from the Competition and the Company under Article 5.2.

At the Annual General Meeting on 7 June of the Football Conference Ltd, the member Clubs agreed to an alternative Constitution for the 2014/15 season, in case of the above eventuality.

Chester FC will now be reprieved from relegation from the Premier Division and Hayes & Yeading United FC will be reprieved from relegation from Conference South.

For Salisbury, they are now under a transfer embargo, but are still members of the Football Conference.