Exeter City have been discussing their financial problems with the BBC Sport. It’s the second time in recent days that the Director of Football has spoken to the BBC, as has the CEO Wolfenden, on the matter of the £100k loan from the PFA. Are the BBC more tame in their approach to the Club over these important matters?S

Perryman sings the praises of the Exeter manager, Paul Tisdale, telling BBC Sport:-

Tis has been a magnificent manager and people need to be aware of some of the problems of managing a club like Exeter. He’s the second longest-serving manager in the league, When he eventually goes – which he will do one day – I’m sure it’ll be upwards.

Recognising that there are issues because of the PFA loan:-

If you have a transfer embargo, that’s frustrating – when there are players available that you can sign who end up signing for someone else.youth_thumb

We sometimes have to stand last in the line with a player who’s wanted by four or five other clubs.

We’re not going to outbid anyone on wages so, eventually, if we sign that player it’s because he’s not been wanted by the other clubs.

We can only sign certain players and that’s the reason we’re going to trust the home-grown players.

However, Perryman completely ignore the issue of wages and governance puts the onus back on the supporters. No discussion about the need to reign in Club finances:-fans_sign

It’ll be interesting to see how that develops and how much the supporters get behind that team because that’s what they’re always asking for.

Exeter City definitely have a positive future in front of it with this young talent.

The full article can be found on the BC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27730370

By Hants