The Exeter City CEO has confirmed that there is a transfer embargo in place. This means that there will be no new signings until the £100k PFA loan is repaid, which is expected to happen in August.

Matt Oakley and Jimmy Keohane possibly re-signing for the Grecians are not affected by this embargo.
Exeter chief executive Guy Wolfenden talking to BBC Sport said.Tisdale and Gwinnett

Paul (Tisdale) is a very respected manager, we know the potential positions we’re looking for and we’ve got to work within those limitations.

Wolfenden explained to BBC Sport that the postponed match with Wycombe on New Year’s Day, which was re-arranged for Tuesday, 25 February, was a main contributory factor to the club needing the loan, which covers the day-to-day overheads of the club.

That cost us between £40,000 and £50,000 in terms of the size of the crowd that didn’t come to that match.

We also had a game with Morecambe moved to a Tuesday night in February and again the crowd was less than we would have expected for that.ecfc_more_postponed_thumb

The season ticket campaign hasn’t got us to the level we were hoping for, so it’s a culmination of elements which mean that the cash flow at this time of the year is harder than it has been before.

By Hants