On This Day: 29th May 1937

An opinion piece in the Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic on Saturday 29th May 1937 was critical of the re-election of Exeter City and Aldershot. Written by ‘Corinthian’, the writer thought that Ipswich Town were worthy of a place in Division 3(South). They wrote:-

There are many who regret that Ipswich Town, the Southern League club, did not get more than some half-dozen votes at the recent meeting of the Third Division (Southern section) clubs to decide which clubs should be recommended for membership of the section next season.

The meeting decided to recommend the re-election of the two bottom clubs, Exeter City and Aldershot. It is a pity that Ipswich, with their financial playing resources and their excellent “gates” could not get support; but, on the other hand, it would be hard to turn out of the two unfortunates.

One day, perhaps, the annual meeting of the Football League will turn a deaf ear to the recommendations of the Third Division and decide to admit a club with brighter may_29_1937prospects than those of some clubs previously in membership.

There is a kind of unwritten law among the Third Division clubs to stand by each other, and while there is something to admire in this spirit, it has its limitations.

I have seen it suggested that a rule might be put forward by which a club seeking re-election in two successive years might not be allowed to re-apply. There is much to commend in this scheme.

The Grecians had a torrid season. From beating Crystal Palace 3-2 on 3rd October, they didn’t win again until 9th January 1937 at home to Walsall 3-0. Despite the dreadful league performance the 1930s cup success continued for the Grecians and they managed to get to the 5th round before losing away to Preston North End 5-3. The season however included a horrendous 8-0 defeat away to Crystal Palace in February.

As to Ipswich Town, they were elected to Division 3(S) the following season (1938/39) at the expense of Gillingham FC.  The rest, as they say, for Ipswich Town is history.