Moving On …

The age old debate on whether we can bring players down to this part of the UK has always been voiced, especially when a player chooses a London club or walks away from a deal to stay local to his family.

Just down the road from us, Alan Knill, Manager of Torquay United, shared a discussion he had with Paul Tisdale about this Paul Tisdale (thumb)very subject of tempting players down here. Paul explained the issues he had with wanting players to move on, and players not wanting to..

It has been said that players actually want to play for us, Tempting them down to City doesn’t seem to be a problem. Tisdale with Perryman and the Cat & Fiddle set up is a real draw for players.

Knill shared on the TUFC website:-

I spoke to [Exeter manager] Paul Tisdale on Tuesday and he said the hardest part is getting players to leave once they’re here because it’s such a great area, and brilliant for families.O

It is a great place to live if you’re starting a family. There is a lot to do and once you get players here, they usually want to stay and love living here.

It is occasionally difficult to bring players here but once they’re here, it’s also difficult to get rid, not that we want to do that.



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