Football v Homophobia – Exeter City v Accrington Stanley

Tonight’s match between Exeter City and Accrington Stanley has been designated the Football v Homophobia match. Football v Homophobia is an event organised by the Justin Campaign(after Justin Fashanu).  The campaign lists its three objectives as:

  • to make existing football structures safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBT people;
  • to create opportunities for LGBT people to engage with football; and
  • to improve representation of LGBT people throughout football.

The One Game One Community (OGOC) group will be handing out flyers ahead of the game with the help of the Devon Lions – the first gay-friendly football club in the region – and our OGOC ambassador Guillem Bauza is proud to be supporting the event. Bauza said

With this game being against homophobia, I’m proud to be able to help the football community to improve and to make society a little bit better.

Any social difference needs to be normalised in football.  Whether that’s by combating homophobia, racism, or anything – we need to welcome everyone.

In particular, he recognised the importance that is placed on professional footballers like him and on clubs like Exeter City in leading by example.  He feels that because of the public profile that football has, it is important for footballers and clubs to be outwardly tolerant and inclusive. Bauza also said

We’re giving an image to the world.  We are professional footballers, and many people look at us as a mirror in life – we lead examples for them. We need to show that we are comprehensive people that welcome anyone.  By doing that, we’re making life a little better for everyone.

Football v Homophobia (FvH) which takes place in February 2013, is an international campaign to tackle homophobia and prejudice against LGB&T (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans) people in football. The campaign is endorsed and supported by The FA, the Football League and the LMA.

Throughout Football v Homophobia month and beyond, please help your club by standing up to prejudice and discrimination against LGB&T people in the game. Together we can make football a welcoming place for everyone. If you witness any behavior during a game, like anti-gay chanting and hateful or prejudiced language, speak to a nearby steward, the police, a club official, or contact the FA by phone 0800 085 0508 or email [email protected].

You can follow the campagin, Football v Hompohobia on Twitter at Their website is at

If you’re a young member of the LGBT community, then there is a network for you. Click on the LBGT Youth Network link for more information

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